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It was asked by another radio guy I know on Facebook:

It has been 10 years since the Iraq war began, was it worth it?

Iraq War - Reflecting on the War 10 Years LaterFirst off let’s all be honest Saddam had NO WMD, NO connection to Al Qaeda, he was secular and they are religious fanatics. He never tried to impose a “Jihad”, he was never reported to be close to Bin Laden until the US said he was. Bin Laden was aligned with the Taliban who ARE/were religious fanatics who gave him safe haven in Afghanistan. There were no “aluminum tubes” or “enriched uranium” to be found in Iraq, heck even President Bush joked at the correspondents dinner : “Those weapons of mass destruction have to be around here somewhere” as he looked under chairs, tables etc all in a joking fashion. So then they said they went after Saddam because he was a horrible dictator, well there are horrible dictators all over the world and yet we don’t go after them.

So let’s recap, no connection to Al Qaeda, that’s strike 1, No WMD’s that’s strike 2, false argument about being a bad dictator since we let horrible dictators stay in power all the time see Al Asaad, Mugabe, Il, The Saudi Royal family so that’s strike 3. The ONLY reasons they went after Saddam was because you had a VP in Cheney who thought Bush Sr. didn’t finish the job in Iraq during desert storm, a President in Bush who wanted to be a “Wartime president” because to him that’s the defining characteristic of a president history looks back upon fondly and lastly the oil! How could we forget the oil? Oil fields that were signed over on to no bid contracts to people well connected to the administration. Not to mention all the war profiterring Haliburton whom Dick Cheny used to be CEO and it’s offshoot KBR, the billions they made for shoddy work, doing jobs our military USED to do themselves, feeding soldiers rancid food, polluted water, electrocuting a number of them in shoddily built shower facilities just to name a few of their indiscretions. Not to mention that NEVER once did this war get actually put on a yearly budget until Obama took office, all the rest of the funding was through emergency funding measures at the end of a fiscal quarter and therefore they didn’t count it against the debt.


How about the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of young people who served 2,3,4 & 5 tours coming home battered emotionally and physically, missing limbs, losing their lives in the prime of their lives has all that been “worth it”? I say NO!, No! a thousand times NO! Al Qaeda could have been fought in Afghanistan with a co mission with the military & CIA, keep it focused, on point and just go after them sure the Taliban wouldn’t have liked it but we basically paved the way for them to take over after funding the mujahadeen against the Soviets throughout the 80′s how much fight were they going to put up? And at the very least you wouldn’t have been fighting a 2 front war costing far too much in lives and treasure. The Iraq war was a lie, plain and simple, deny it if you like but look at the FACTS not the spin and you will agree. It was a lie that we as a country bought and now we are paying in so many ways the hardest of which is how it’s affected the veterans and their families, THAT can’t be quantified in dollars & cents and for that reason alone I say NO! to the question as to if the Iraq war was worth it.

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