The Rich Get Richer With Help From You!

There was a time in my life when I was a young struggling rock ‘n roll musician. I delivered a million pizzas so I could afford to buy a guitar. It was during those years that I learned about “endorsement deals” where famous musicians get all their gear for free just for telling everyone that they really like that company. I thought it was very ironic that once you have money, you don’t need it because people line up to tell you how to get stuff for free. I was reminded of this as I read a recent article in “Newsweek” that pointed out that the rich in this country are lining up to get more (free) money from the government. Americans earning 1 million a year or more collect 30 Billion a year in Government handouts. I’ll pause while you go vomit… Just to make you even madder, 30 billion a year is twice as much as we spend on NASA and 3 times as much as we spend on the E.P.A. But who needs to be protected from asteroids or breathe clean air when someone like Jon Bon Jovi needs free money to raise honey bees? Yes, my 2nd favorite Jersey rock star took federal money to raise honey bees. Why? I assume because someone else with money told him he could, so why not? NBA super-star Scottie Pippen took over $200,000 in farm subsidies. Who even knew Scottie was a farmer? Maybe he’s not since the same report points out that the majority of people collecting farm subsidies live in a city (you can’t grow a lot of corn on asphalt) and that several other big earners got the money by mistake. But wait, there’s more… since 2004 people with 7 figure incomes have collected over 9 billion in social security and more than 1,500 millionaires paid NO taxes last year because they can afford accountants that know all the tricks to make that happen.

So you see, the money is out there but only if you’re in the club that knows how to get it. I’m so glad (sarcasm alert) that America has turned into the kind of country where a guy like me with a wife & 2 kids has to work constantly and still comes up short, but Uncle Sam hands out more money than I’ll make in 10 life times so that the 1% can raise honey bees and pay no taxes. I’m starting to think that “E Pluribus Unum” doesn’t mean “out of many, one” but instead “out of many, the 1% gets it all”.

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