Steubenville = Stupidville

Steubenville Court Case - Steubenville Rape TrialIn the aftermath of the Steubenville rape case and the subsequent guilty verdicts of the football players involved I felt the need to speak up as it seems like the victim in this case is receiving unjust criticism and the usual tactic of blaming the victim.

Let’s look at CNN’s coverage of the guilty verdict…


“The lasting affect on the rapists” Are you F’n kidding me!?

Let’s just talk about the facts in this case:

A 16 year old girl went to a party like most  16 year olds do and consumed alcohol, it happens and ALL the time yes even amongst those righteous Christian kids.

She drank way too much – again as happens with lots of teenagers and eventually passed out again, happens all the time but this is where the average party experience and this girls  experience differ greatly.

She was then sexually assaulted – I will spare the details but suffice to say they are just as disgusting as the blaming of her that’s going on now, photographed nude and semi nude, taken from party to party, had her breasts flashed, videotaped being assaulted oh and the one disgusting detail I will reveal is that they also took the liberty of urinating on her!

HOW is this ok? HOW does ANYONE defend these young men?

I don’t care how “provocatively” she dressed, it was August in Ohio so I’m sure it was damn hot out so wearing a T shirt and shorts does not give ANYONE permission to rape you just because your choice of clothing to wear gives them a chubby!

They want to besmirch this girl’s reputation by saying that because she got drunk, dressed in short shorts that she somehow “asked for it”.

They want to impugn her character because she dared to do what teenagers across the nation do all the time and wear the latest fashions which in this case happen to be short shorts and let’s not forget that it was probably damn hot out too!

They want this girl to suffer because she dared speak up for herself when she was assaulted instead of taking it, keeping her mouth shut and be happy that a football player even looked at her.

I don’t care how down on their luck this town was or is, adults NEED to be adults and not worship the kids they brought into this world just because of athletic prowess!

Living vicariously through 16,17 & 18 year olds doesn’t help them, it hurts them and gives them the false sense that they can do what they want with absolutely no repercussions because they’re star athletes.

To then try to paint them as victims is harming them even more, not requiring them to be accountable for their crimes is a crime in of itself.

I expect  such misguided martyrdom to be heaped upon them by know nothing adults with nothing going on in their life but CNN? I was just waiting for….wait…*touching left ear*…What’s that?…. Oh Fox News has jumped in too? Well what took you guys so long?

Fox News felt the need to reveal the victims name, as if she hasn’t gone through enough now you idiots along with – yet another “bastion of journalistic excellence” have all come out against the victim and have tried to shame her even more.

I will leave CNN, Fox News & with the words of Joseph N. Welch from June 9th, 1954…

How about it CNN, Fox News & – Have you no decency?

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