Big Spending Equals Great Results

USA SpendingAt the national level one of the areas of biggest concern for Republicans seems to be the cost of education. Based on the measures that have been pushed through many state legislatures it appears that Republicans believe one of the biggest problems we face as a country is that we spend too much money on education.

But if we use the spending logic that Republicans have for other areas of government improvements to education will require more spending not less.

For example, we as a country spend as much as on national defense at the next eleven countries combined. But try and cut defense spending and Republicans throw a fit. Many, like former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, even want to increase defense spending.

The US spends nearly twice as much on health care as the next country on the list. But try and change it and Republicans will stand at the bully pulpit and claim the US health care system is the “greatest health care system the world has ever known”.

We also spend more to incarcerate our citizens than any other country in the world. According to Fox News the US spends almost 4 times a much on inmates as it does educating students. But Republicans will tell you that prisons play a key role providing a safe society for US citizens.

The reality is when it comes to their priorities Republicans have no problem with vastly outspending the rest of the world. And while we spend nearly 50% more on health care than the next country, and a full 310% more on defense than the second highest spending country we actually spend 44% less on education than the highest spending country.

Given the fact that outspending other countries is essentially a requirement for the US to maintain it superior performance in things like defense, health care, and citizen safety it follows that the biggest problem in education is the clear lack of commitment the government has to education or in Republican terms outspending every other nation by at least 50%.

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