Save The Whales! …And While We’re At It, the Post Office Too!

I just read an article on “The Week” magazines website that asked the question:

“Can the Post Office be saved”

To which I said, absolutely YES! And we don’t have to buy bumper stickers that say : “Save the Post Office” or walk around with pickets in support of our local post office and supporting our letter carriers.

What we need to do is to call our members of congress, write to them, get a group of friends together to all sign a letter, back Senator Bernie Sanders in his efforts all telling them that we want our Postal Service to be the strong, vibrant agency it’s been since 1775 and the second Continental Congress.

So how did we get to this point that we are asking this pertinent question?

In 2006 Congress passed ”The Postal Accountability & Enhancement Act”***  part of which required the USPS to do something NO other federal agency has been required to do and that is to prefund 75 years of pensions** of not just future retirees  but future employees who don’t even work for the USPS, heck that would cover unborn postal workers who might even be a “twinkle” in the proverbial postal service workers eye but they COULD have a kid who works for the USPS, any of us might and the GOP demands that you prefund that unborn workers retirement immediately!

This draconian act is a $5 Billion dollar bill the Post Office must cover every year and it’s slowly but surely killing them.

The USPS is an independent agency that receives NO federal funding except for mail in absentee overseas & disabled ballots – BTW every member of Congress receives FREE mail privileges.

Other than those cases I’ve mentioned, the post office has always survived on the sales of stamps and other mail services and despite the advent of email, E commerce and competition from Fed Ex, UPS and other delivery companies they have always been in the black and operated at a surplus!

Then 2006 came and the GOP’s plan to destroy the Post Office & privatize it was set into motion, they would put undue financial burdens on the post office and as it ran into the red year after year they would howl about union contracts, inefficiency, high overhead costs and then slip in : “You know, we could privatize the post office and it would run cheaper, efficient and we could pay people minimum wage to do it and they’d be happy just to have a job so why not go along with us?”

The Problem is we all got wise to their scheme, were Obamacare not the main issue the President focused on in his first term I’m sure he would have saved the USPS when the Democrats controlled the House & Senate.

The facts are that the GOP congress won’t do a damn thing to save the post office, it’s up to US to do what they refuse to do, to keep the mail getting delivered as it has for 238 Years : “ Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”,  to keep 574,000 hard working Americans who do their job every day so YOU can receive Grandma’s birthday card, or that acceptance letter from college on time and without fail, employed and bringing happy memories!

It is for THEM and all of US, the greater good that I implore you to do what you can to save the USPS.

Don’t let the GOP take away an American tradition that has stood for so long, who had one of our countries greatest citizens and representatives as it’s first Postmaster General in Benjamin Franklin.

It was a congressional made problem and truly unnecessary so let’s tell  them how unnecessary it is and beat back this GOP attack on the Post Office!

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