The Rich Need to Bleed

Why are rich people so against paying more in taxes? It seems like they’re good at throwing money out the window. The only way to manage the national debt we’ve built up is to spend less and earn more. Part of that additional revenue should be higher taxes on those making a million a year or more. Someone recently asked me “is it fair that the rich should have to pay more just because they’re rich?” The answer is “yes” and here’s why…

In times of great national need we ask people to be patriots, to put country first for the “greater good”. In times of war, we ask the youth of this country to bleed to protect our way of life. If not enough step-up to do so, we draft them and tell them “you may not want to be a patriot right now, but we need you, so you’re going to do it”. Right now, we need the wealthy in this country to be patriots. Put country first, even if it costs you money. Let your bank account bleed for you. Pay a little more in taxes, keep jobs in the U.S.A., give even small raises to your employees or offer bonuses. I’m sick of hearing “job creators” say that if we tax them more, they may just fold up shop and fire us all. That’s real patriotic. I always hear conservatives talk about the (fake) “War on Christmas” and how liberals are trying to destroy the Holidays. But what has big business done to us all to save money? Cancel company Christmas parties and holiday bonuses. I have to assume Ebenezer Scrooge was a Republican.

The good news for the rich is that when this current “war” is over, you’ll still be rich and you’ll still be alive (unless one of your exotic wild animals that you keep as a pet eats you… or you crash your experimental airplane into your private island). So is it “fair” that the youth fight in wars just because they’re young? Is it “fair” that the rich should have to pay more just because they’re rich? Well if life was fair, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place. So the answer is “yes” to both.

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