Republicans Should Want Higher Taxes

It’s time for the Republican Party to eat a big slice of humble pie. We’ve heard from them (repeatedly) that they won’t raise taxes. This lack of compromise is largely to blame for the current “sequester” mess that we find ourselves in. If the Republicans were smart (I’ll pause while you laugh), they would hire me as their consultant. I would tell them that it’s a “win, win” for them to support raising taxes (I’ll pause while the heads explode of any conservatives reading this). If you think about it logically, the American public voted Obama into a second term by 5 million votes (and an electoral thumping) on the platform that he wanted to raise taxes on the rich. If we Americans rejected that idea, President Romney would be redecorating the White House right now (in all beige). So if Republicans had a clue, they would come out in the “spirit of bipartisanship” and say that Obama won, so we’re going to be the bigger people here and let him have his way. If the current administrations plan of higher taxes on the rich works, Republicans can say that it only worked because they went along with it and fulfilled the will of the majority. If it fails, they can say it was Obama’s idea all along and they were only giving the American public what they wanted. The negative attack ads for the 2016 race would write themselves: “We let Obama raises your taxes and the whole world went to hell, we told you so! Vote Republican in 2016!”. So either way the Republicans set themselves up for a good chance at the White House by being bipartisan or letting the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot with their plan. Of course they won’t do either since the Republicans are now the party of shooting themselves in the foot (in addition to being the “dumb-party” and the “anti-science party”). They secretly know that raising taxes on the rich won’t backfire and they’re not willing to put up or shut up. Don’t believe the hype that the “job creators” will retaliate against higher taxes… businesses don’t hate taxes, they hate the uncertainty of not knowing what those taxes will cost them each year. The Republicans are causing that uncertainty, Obama won reelection fair and square and they won’t get out of his way. So they’ll continue to sandbag him in the hopes of slowing any real progress so they can paint his second term as a loss. They assume you’re not smart enough to see that, even though we all noticed that they spent the last four years doing just that. Its times like this that I wish the patron saint of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, were still alive. Granted he’d be to moderate for the modern day GOP, but he could remind them all that he raised taxes when times got tough… so take the tea parties boot out of your ass (sorry for the potty talk, I learned it from  John Boehner and get back to the business of governing, which includes compromising with the other side and considering the will of the majority over your rhetoric.

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