Scientific Proof That Conservatives Are Jerks

Republicans Are JerksEveryone on the left has always assumed that conservatives will oppose anything that Obama is in favor of no matter how common sense or popular it may be. I’ve joked for years that if Obama cured cancer, the headline on Fox “News” would be “Obama Puts Cancer Doctors Out Of Business”. Well, we now have proof that this is true… conservatives are self-centered, ideological jerks that will stand in the way of a good thing just to stick it to Obama and Liberals.

The National Academy of Sciences recently did a study about attitudes towards being “green” in both liberals and conservatives. This scientific study looked at a variety of issues on this topic, but they posed one real-life scenario to both sides: If an old school light bulb and a new school compact florescent bulb cost the same, and the packaging explains the energy saving benefits of the new bulb, which would you buy? Both groups said they would save the money in the long run and by the new school CFL bulb. Unless the package is labeled as being “green” or “earth friendly”, if you put that label on the product, conservatives overwhelmingly chose not to buy it. In fact, they said they would pay more for the old school light bulb just to stick it to the earth and the Al Gore-types. So just to reiterate all of this, conservatives will chose to buy something that is more expensive both now and in the long run, just to make some sort of small protest against protecting the earth. This is scientific proof that conservatives are jerks. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, what’s the harm in cleaning up the planet and saving yourself money? Only a total jerk would do this.

Of course, sighting anything “science” based will never convince conservatives to change their evil ways. So how about hearing your hypocrisy directly from a fellow elephant? Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) recently said in an interview that he has been asking other GOP’ers why they voted against his very common sense bill that would require background checks for nearly all gun purchases. This idea was once supported by the NRA and has the current support of 90% of Americans, but it was blocked the GOP. Why? According to Senator Toomey, who I’ll remind you again is a Republican, he was told by his colleagues in red that they voted against the bill because “There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the President do something he wanted to get done, just because the President wanted to do it”. I’ve always assumed that this is why the GOP blocks everything Obama proposes, but to see it in black & white coming straight from a prominent Republican is truly disgusting. What kind of person votes against something that will save lives just to stick it to Obama? A major jerk, that’s who. These elephants were elected to help lead our country, but “helping” is the last thing they want to do. Every member of the GOP should have to tattoo “Craftsmen” or “Dewalt” on their forehead since they’re giant tools.

Just to highlight the fact that they’re jerks, the GOP just released a video touting the failures of Obama’s first 100 days of his second term. Not only do they fail to point out that his “failures” were caused by the constant GOP roadblocks, but they actually feature an image on President Obama consoling a “Sandy Hook” mom after the background check bill was defeated. What kind of person uses the image of a mother whose child was shot at school to taunt the left? A complete & total jerk, that’s who. There was a time in my life when I would’ve told you that the Democrats & Republicans were equally flawed, but that’s just no longer true. Democrats aren’t the party of perfection, but we’re also not interchangeable with James Bond Villains.

2014 can’t come soon enough, it’s time to send a wakeup call to the GOP and we can only do that together. Their behavior borders on treason and is certainly unpatriotic. It’s real Americans against the jerks, and I’m ready to do battle because unlike the GOP, I actually care about what’s good for this country and the next generation.

* … On a side note, I generally try not to get into name-calling when talking politics… But in this case, “jerks” was the nicest word I could come up with as I find all of this to be truly offensive… *

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