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Are Republican’s Really Interested In A Balanced Budget Amendment?

Many Republicans have been concerned about the federal deficit since George W. Bush turned a surplus into a deficit with increased spending and tax cuts but as soon as Barack Obama was elected president this concern quickly transformed into an obsession. To many, this has become such a dire situation that 20 states are now […]


Can Michigan Really Trust Rick Snyder?

For two years Rick Snyder claimed “Right to work” legislation was too divisive and not on his agenda. Shortly after the 2012 elections Rick Snyder changed his mind. Given how divisive “Right to work” would be it should come as no surprise that the governor would want to insulate Republican members of the state house […]


Military Pension Cuts Prove Hypocrisy Of Republicans

Over the past few decades the attitude towards military personnel has shifted to the point where now individuals of all political ideologies consider our military personnel as inviolable. Polls show that the military favorability rating has nearly doubled compared to the last 30 years of the 20th century. With this in mind it should come […]


The NSA Is Scary Good

Since June of 2013 when Edward Snowden released government documents confirming the existence of various data gathering methods used by the NSA there has been a lot of discussions surrounding the value of these programs. Many of these same conversations also occurred in 2006 when it was reveled that the NSA was collecting data from […]


Chris Christie Unabridged And Unpresidential

Not too long ago the right was up in arms over a scandal at the IRS. To them it exposed a litany of truths they had long believed about the Obama administration. It proved they would use the power of the office to punish the opposition. It proved they were arrogant. It proved they were […]


Fixing The Economy Through Collective Bargaining

Much of this past year workers in the fast food industry have been taking action to get better wages. While there is certainly a debate as to whether an increase in the minimum wage is the proper vehicle to facilitate this change there is little denying the fact that income inequality is on the rise […]


Conservatives Unpatriotically Rooting For Obamacare Failure

The main stream media has been obsessed with comparing the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare) with various failures by the previous administration. The comparisons have included “the ACA is Obama’s” – 9/11, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, or Medicare part D. But the most popular of these analogies seems to be Hurricane Katrina. And while […]


Problems With Obamacare Don’t Prove Private Sector Superiority

The main stream media has been very focused recently on every problem with the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare). There are plenty of things not to like about the ACA and in particular the website launch but many in the media have taken this as an opportunity to push as common conservative platitude […]


The War On Christmas – Fightin’ The Good Fight

It’s that time of year again – time for all Fox News contributors to feign outrage at every person, place or thing that doesn’t overtly include Christ in their holiday experience. While the finger is often pointed at atheists a large number of complaints from the right involve corporations. Yet the motivation for these corporations […]


There’s Nothing Nuclear About The Nuclear Option

Harry Reid and Senate Democrats made waves last week when they detonated the “nuclear option”. Thanks to this change in Senate rules, ending debate on judicial nominees will only require 51 votes instead of the previous 60 vote requirement. It should be noted this change does not affect the typical Senate filibuster we have all […]


Illiteracy Rate: A Serious Problem For Many – Political Hackery For Others

My Colleague Gary Wolfram asked an important question recently – “Why are 47 percent of the adult population of Detroit functionally illiterate?” While it should be noted that this statistic is essentially fabricated out of thin air from a report that is now 20 years old the question of literacy is certainly worthy of further […]


How To Solve The Problem Of “Black On Black Crime”

After the George Zimmerman verdict was announced earlier this year the main stream media suddenly became very interested in “black on black crime”. If you believe some of the talking heads that made this a staple of their programs for a few week period, they were genuinely concerned about the number of African American men […]


Republicans Have Health Insurance Amnesia

The main stream media has been very focused recently on various aspects of the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare). While the problems are legitimate the sudden concern from the right over the cost of premiums and paying for more than you need seem disingenuous. Thanks to the ACA millions more Americans will have […]


Republicans Wouldn’t Like A Government Run Like A Business

A common talking point in today’s political discussions is the belief that the government should be run like a business. While this is a really awful idea, there are certainly those who believe in this nostrum. So how exactly would a company run the government? Well the Chamber of Commerce whose tag line is “Standing […]


Obama Should Adopt Tort Reform

Republicans, while opposed to the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare), have spent a lot of time trying to devise and alternative plan. The problem is so much of what makes up the ACA was originated by conservatives and Republicans that they are struggling to come up with a plan that they like that […]


Conservative’s Contribute To Fallacy About Union Power

The recent strike by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has again put public sector unions squarely in the crosshairs of conservatives. While there is plenty of good debates to be had regarding these unions one of the weirdest talking points suggests that public sector unions have an unfair advantage since they negotiate with officials […]


When It Comes To Michigan Job Creation, Rick Snyder Is “One Lucky Nerd”

Rick Snyder recently released is first re-election ad touting him as “One Successful Nerd” after just 33 months on the job. Additionally his most recent email blast cleverly implies that he has added 220,000 jobs in Michigan. Unfortunately for the governor, a portion of that job growth happened before he ever took office. According to […]


Help Wanted: Republicans Required To Fix Obamacare

As the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare) struggles to get off the ground the conservative’s are showing that their devotion the making the president look bad far exceeds their interest in cutting deficits, curbing out of control spending, and eliminating the moochers. At this point they have become the ultimate Monday morning quarterbacks […]


Conservative Media’s Obamacare Glitch

Since its launch much has been written about the problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA – affectionately known as Obamacare). Even the staunchest supporters would admit that they have been disappointed with the problems many have experienced as this system opened to the public. Of course never missing a chance to pounce, the conservative […]


Republican’s Kill Compromise – Continue To Offer Nothing

Republicans are adamant – the shutdown is all the Democrats fault. The only reason the government is shut down – which Republicans love, except when it politically convenient to hate it – is because the Democrats won’t negotiate or compromise. This is a great talking point except that it isn’t true. John Boehner and Harry […]

President’s Voting Record Has Nothing To Do With Debt Ceiling Debate

As we approach the debate over the debt ceiling and continue discussions about the Affordable Care Act both sides are trying to set a narrative for the public to follow. My colleague Jason Vines offers an example of the type of posturing we can expect, with his recent gotcha post pointing out that as a […]


Republicans Say They’re Not To Blame For Shutdown – Except They Really Are

The Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA – affectionately known as Obamacare) is starting to look at lot like the Occupy Wall Street movement. They have a whole bunch of complaints but no one idea that really resonates with people and no suggestions for fixing the problem. They say it kills jobs – […]


No Justification For Shutting Down The Government

Outside of Ron Paul few politicians are known for being ideologically consistent and as we inch closer to a government shutdown Republican legislators are offering another shining example how maddeningly capricious most politicians are. For instance to offer support for the union restrictions implemented by Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio, Republicans […]


Republicans Erroneous SNAP Judgment

This week Republicans again exposed their true colors. They voted to cut nearly $40 billion dollars from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which helps 47 million Americans purchase food. The reason for these cuts according the Republican House member Mike Conaway of Texas is to “limit the public assistance program to those who qualify […]


Syria And Republicans Sudden Concern over US Role As World Police

With President Obama’s request for military intervention in Syria a number of Republicans have come out against any action suggesting that America is not the world’s police. And while I imagine many would have agreed with this statement long before Barack Obama became president, the reality is that the US has military personnel in 148 […]


Awful Arguments Against Green Energy

For anyone who has ever watched Fox News you know that they hate green energy. And while there are plenty of good arguments about for and against green energy this new meme about windmills being an eyesore and killing birds is an example of the worst. The reality is this talking point only resonates with […]


Unions And Corporations: Failing To Unite, United To Fail

Labor Day and the recent minimum wage demands by employees in the fast food sector have many talking about labor unions. With the drop in union membership and stagnant or dropping wages for 93% of Americans, now is the perfect time to discuss the role of unions moving forward. Unfortunately rather than having substantive discussions […]


The Bumpy Road To Improving Michigan’s Economy

Republicans are always looking for ways to cut the tax burden because as they say they want “to make sure you keep more of your money”. So when presented with the opportunity to save Michigan families an average of $1,000 per year, you would think Michigan Republicans would be falling all over themselves to make […]


Broken Education, Flawless Health Care: A Republican Fallacy

When it comes to education, many Republicans like very little of the current system. They believe the system is broken and are using this belief to implement changes. The changes most of these people would like to see include more charter schools, a merit pay based system of compensation, remove unions from education, reduce pay […]


US Dominance – The True Renewable Energy Incentive

Polls show that if you don’t believe in global warming, odds are you are a Republican. So it comes as no surprise that discussions about reducing Carbon Dioxide pollution, that may cause as many as 2 million deaths per year, and mitigate its impact, often rub conservatives the wrong way. In isolation their resistance makes […]


Ignorance And Pride – The Tenets Of Racism

Since the George Zimmerman acquittal there has been a lot of discussion on this blog an elsewhere on the topic of race. Given the tragic nature of this event these discussions about race and racism in the US offer a silver lining to a particularly stormy cloud. Unfortunately rather than having a dialogue that leads [...]


The Crisis Culture Of Common Core Standards

There has been a lot of discussion recently surrounding the new standards for education known as common core. The goal of the common core state standards initiative is “to bring diverse state curricula into alignment with each other by following the principles of standards-based education reform”. President Obama and his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan [...]


“Black On Black Crime”: Conservative Ethnocentrism

Recently I penned an article discussing the Bizarro World the conservative media has created where racism no longer exists in the US except in the case of black racism against whites. This was based on the conservative media response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman regarding the murder of Trayvon Martin. I started this post [...]


Detroit: Rick Snyder’s Greatest Failure

In the run up to the 2010 elections Michigan voters were led to believe that Rick Snyder could fix our problems because as one of his campaign ads stated “He’s the only businessman running so he’s the only one that even knows what he’s doing”. In light of the chapter 9 bankruptcy filing by Detroit [...]


Race Baiting From The Right

If there’s one thing conservatives hate it’s when they are called out for being racist. But rather than accepting that everyone exhibits prejudice and trying to correct this irrational intolerance conservatives have created a world where whites are unfairly targeted. The recent trial of George Zimmerman offers a prime example of this phenomenon. Across the [...]


Sincerely Held Religious Belief or Discrimination?

In an effort to legitimize their religious bigotry aimed at homosexuals, also known as “religious freedom”, some legislators have introduced bills that allow an individual to refuse service to someone based on “a sincerely held religious belief”. Outside of the obvious ambiguity of such a law there are a number of other issues with this [...]


Regulating The Rhetoric On Job Creation

Creating jobs is a major concern for all politicians. Subsequently, discussions regarding how to improve the job market are often a topic among those who follow politics. My colleague Charles Owens the director of the Michigan Branch of the National Federation for Independent Business (NFIB) recently penned an article discussing how the Federal regulatory environment [...]


Gay Rights vs. Religious Freedom

With marriage equality being decided at the Federal level by the Supreme Court the focus of this debate now shifts to the states. And while it may be some time before the legal challenges to state laws banning marriage equality start making headlines, the battle for equal rights for the LGBT community is already underway. [...]


Republicans Are Dying For Jobs

The response was predictable; as soon as word got out the president would be making a speech about reducing carbon pollution Republicans flipped back through their folder of poll tested pre-election talking points to “W” for “War on Coal”. Update a few numbers and there you have it – President Obama is slowing ruining America [...]


Broken Bureaucracy Bad For Education

If you happen to be on Governor Snyder’s email list you know he has been talking up his education policy recently. The most recent promotional item being offered up by the governor’s office is the claim that state education spending has increased each year of his term. While it is true that “state” spending has [...]


Insuring Corporate Profits At The Expense Of Consumers

Across the country as the economy took a turn for the worse in late 2007 many saw an opportunity to reduce the size of government, cut taxes for the wealthy and cut benefits for the most needy. And while these austerity measures were good at putting money in the hands of the rich and big [...]


The Merit Pay Disconnect

Given that the Michigan legislature is considering merit pay for public teachers, conservatives are attempting to convince residents that this free market idea is essential to improving educational outcomes. Unfortunately these articles tend to be heavy on opinion and light on data showing that merit pay actually improves educational outcomes. The most recent examples of [...]


How To Correct Political Correctness

Recently Frank Beckmann wrote a controversial piece regarding the flippant statement Sergio Garcia made when discussing his squabble with Tiger Woods. While Sergio and Frank both subsequently apologized for their remarks, the issue of political correctness, which Frank says he was attempting to critique, is a source of much consternation for many conservatives. While Frank [...]


Merit Pay Fails The Test

Adding to an already impressive list of legislative “solutions” that don’t actually solve any problems, Rick Snyder and the Michigan legislature have decided to consider “merit pay” for public educators. Like many of their previous legislative priorities including corporate tax cuts, charter schools and right to work, Republicans seem more interested in placating their corporate [...]

More Ammunition For The Conspiracy Theorist

Last month, around the same time the Senate was debating the immensely popular background check bill, Republicans took their “fear government” conspiracy theory to a new level. This conspiracy now has some believing that the government is buying large quantities of ammunition to keep it out of the hands of gun owners. First it should [...]


Constitutional Support Is Bipartisan

A lot of talk from conservatives since Barack Obama was elected revolves around the belief that Republicans value the Constitution more than Democrats. Such a belief requires an extraordinary combination of ignorance and hubris since the real difference here is perception not patriotism. Assuming that there is only one right interpretation of the constitution and [...]


Benghazi, IRS and AP Oh My!

This week Republicans are frothing at the mouth over a number of government “scandals”. Well, welcome to the party. Democrats have been outraged over these very same issues for years. First there was Benghazi where four US citizens were killed as a result of a terrorist attack. While most would consider the lapse in security [...]


Republican’s Dying To Kill Abortion

Last year Mississippi passed new restrictions on abortions meant to shutter the only remaining abortion clinic in the state. The law requires that abortion clinics be required to get admitting privileges to a local hospital to keep their state certification. The justification for such a requirement was explained by the bill’s sponsor state representative Sam [...]


Snyder Trades Business Acumen For Faith

Michigan voters have been duped. The 2010 gubernatorial election may have been one of the biggest bait and switch cases in the history of the state of Michigan. Rick Snyder’s ads claimed “He’s the only businessman running so he’s the only one that even knows what he’s doing.” Business 101 suggests that if you want [...]


How Capitalism Is Killing Educational Achievement

Earlier this week Michigan Governor Rick Snyder kicked off the 18th annual Governor’s Education Summit under the cloud of “skunk works” exposed by Chad Livengood here at the Detroit News. “Skunk works” was the code name give to secret meetings between the governor and a group of twenty individuals that included one educational professional who [...]


Big Spending Equals Great Results

At the national level one of the areas of biggest concern for Republicans seems to be the cost of education. Based on the measures that have been pushed through many state legislatures it appears that Republicans believe one of the biggest problems we face as a country is that we spend too much money on [...]


Republicans Rewriting Michigan History

Last week my colleague at the Detroit News Joshua Pugh took aim at the Michigan House Republicans for their right wing agenda that runs counter to the interest of the people. He also called out Jase Bolger in his critique which unsurprisingly elicited a response from Representatives Bolger’s press secretary Ari Adler. Outside of the [...]


Time To Stop Big Government Overreach By Michigan Legislature

For years now Republicans have been calling for “common sense” regulatory reform. On GOP.gov Congressman Mike Pence stated that “The House Republican Regulatory Reform plan is a commonsense solution that puts taxpayers first”. Well good news Michigan Republicans – Bill Lucas and his organization, Voters for Fair Use of Ballot Referendum, have a petition that [...]


A core aspect of the Republican platform over recent years is to eliminate government regulations. The rationale most often associated with this push is the idea that government regulations cost jobs. Unfortunately jobs are really just a red herring in this argument since the actual impetus has more to do with corporate profits and campaign [...]


One of the queerest arguments I’ve heard against gay marriage is the slippery slope idea that if gays are allowed to get married then a man marrying an animal or a man having multiple wives is next. It should be noted that zoophilia and polygamy are both illegal while being gay is not. The reality [...]


Choosing Money Over Life Is Un-American

In an attempt to drum up fear, the oil industry recently released data suggesting new EPA rules meant to clean up sulfur pollution from gasoline will add as much as $0.09 per gallon to the cost of fuel for your car. The EPA however feels the cost would be closer to $0.01 per gallon since [...]


Obama Has Time For NCAA Bracket But Not Federal Budget

Last week the good folks over at Breitbart.com and Fox News trotted out their latest in faux outrage – Obama filled out an NCAA bracket but didn’t submit a Federal Budget. And of course good soldiers like Representative Tim Walberg were more than happy to fall in line and tweet their enmity. I’m not sure [...]


Republican Hypocrisy On Emergency Manager Protest

Republicans have got themselves whipped up into a frenzy over the protests Jesse Jackson has organized in opposition to the takeover of Detroit by the governor appointed Emergency Manager. They view these protests as some form of extortion of thuggery. The irony of course is how little concern they have for these tactics when the [...]


Climate Change Will Kill Us All!

Every time the weather gets a little colder the usual conservative conspiracy theorists come out of the woodworks, thumping their chests and claiming the “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” are just some liberal media hoax imagined by Al Gore and his posse of green corporate pirates (also known as “job creators” when lead by Republicans). [...]


Congress Is The Post Office’s Biggest Problem

If you watched any television this weekend you probably saw the National Association of Letter Carriers ad extolling the virtues of the US Postal service while spreading the fear of the diminished service Americans can expect from reduced hours and staff. Many Republicans conveniently place the blame for the USPS’s financial troubles at the feet [...]

Better Education Requires Smarter Politicians

When it comes to education the goal for changes we make to the system should be based on improvement. Unfortunately the Republican solutions seem to value privatization over all else. In state after state Republican legislators claim that public education is broken yet rather than looking at the fact based data that shows the best [...]


Why “Right to Work” is Wrong

Groups like the NFIB will tell anyone who will listen how awful they think unions are for businesses and why “right to work” legislation is so great. It should be noted however that the NFIB is a bias source.  That doesn’t mean their information is inherently wrong it just means it should certainly be questioned [...]


What Republicans Could Learn From Ronald Reagan

Since the 2012 presidential election Republicans have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong and how they can fix those issues moving forward. Unfortunately all of their actions suggest they still don’t get it. A recent Fox News interview with Mitt Romney and his wife Ann give some insight [...]

The Business Case For Climate Change

Regardless of the science behind it Climate Change is still a hotly debated topic. And this debate has far reaching implications that most don’t consider. For example when parents deny the science of climate change or evolution and offer only their  unprofessional opinion as proof they are teaching their kids that scientific methodologies that brought us a cure for
Polio, that landed a man on the moon, and that lead to nuclear power are debatable. [ ... ]


Public Employees Are Not The Enemy

Voters have come to expect politicians to “frame” arguments in a way that supports their position. Unfortunately too many politicians are very generous with their definition of an “honest” discussion. A recent example of this can be found on Tim Walberg’s twitter feed where he stated: Today I voted to stop @whitehouse’s executive action to [...]