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Known to some as, “Bison Brewski, Lefty Lewski,” he is a proud Massachusetts liberal.  A long time radio broadcaster, devout Red Sox fan and is never afraid to speak his mind…

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Walmart Celebrates Your Right To Work All The Time

Have you seen the newest Walmart commercial that’s been playing all over the Olympics where they say that they’re pledged to but goods from American factories for the next 10 years in it they use “Working man” by Rush as the music bed of the spot. The spot somehow implies that Walmart is “supporting” American […]


A Slur By Any Other Name Is Just That!

Are you ready for the big game? No, not the one in New Jersey this weekend with the Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos battling it out for the Lombardi Trophy. No, I’m talking about the one between the Atlanta Niggers vs. the New York Kikes, or how about the one between the Minnesota Honkies against […]


Take The 2014 Challenge!

I’m back and it feels good! It feels James Brown good! Doesn’t quite “Feel like the first time” like Foreigner once sang, but man does it feel GOOD to be back on LL!!! I know you all missed me and I’ve missed you all! Let’s get right to it, we’ve all seen the disingenuous Ted […]


Chris Christie Gets The Smackdown

Chris Christie’s been busy, very busy and he’s not doing what we may think. He’s not making the rounds of the many Roy Rogers restaurants that dot the Garden State parkway, nor is he trying to get into the Hometown Buffet or Old Country Buffet halls of fame and he’s also not hanging with Tony, [...]


“Judge Smails” of Fox News Strikes Again!

Judge Elihue Smails is back! No, he’s not on the “Flying WASP” waxing poetic about “having the stock market beat”. He WILL think he’s doing you a favor by offering for you to mow his lawn and MAYBE buying you a Fresca while he, the Paragon of virtue, civil rights and giving every American a [...]


Fertilizer For Your Farm Courtesy Of Paul Ryan!

Paul Ryan went on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC to bemoan the fact that the Democrats were the reason the farm bill wasn’t passed: “I didn’t support the farm bill,” Ryan told MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “The Democrats promised 40 votes and they didn’t deliver the votes that they had promised. Our leaders brought the bill to the [...]


Performance Art In Congress

Are you an art fan? Enjoy the avant garde? Do you enjoy Mummenschanz and performances of the like? Well, if that’s your idea of theater you haven’t seen anything like what happened today in congress when the GOP decided that they needed to pass a bill that is unconstitutional, has no chance of being passed [...]


Now Instructing “Legalese” – Professor Sarah Palin

Guess who’s “back”, attention whore that she is and giving Mr. Falafel a run for his money in his favorite late year cause de celebre? If you guessed the half term Governor of Alaska and all her “folksy charm” then you’d be right! Not only is she back but she’s even pitching a new book [...]


John Stossel Needs Another Slap In The Face

So John Stossel thinks that no one went hungry back before this country had a social safety net. He thinks that you can cut many branches of the government including the Commerce and Agriculture Departments and there would be huge savings to the tax payer. Well John, I’m going to (figuratively) do what Dr. D [...]


Oklahoma GOP Senator Tom Coburn: Cold As Ice

In the song “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner, singer Lou Gramm sang: “You’re as cold as ice You’re willing to sacrifice our love You never take advice Someday you’ll pay the price, I know” Keep the song in your head as we go to the next bar: “I’ve seen it before, it happens all the [...]


Reading American Workers Their Rights

With the news that Boeing will be shedding 1500 IT jobs in the Puget Sound area through layoffs, attrition and jobs being shifted to Missouri & South Carolina – “right to work states” mind you – I felt like it was necessary to read American workers their rights. These rights are very similar to the [...]


Benghazi Insanity… The GOP Has Jumped The Shark!

Have you seen the latest Republican “strategist” saying something so idiotic you have to check to see if even he believes the idiocy flowing from his own mouth?   In case you missed it, Republican “strategist” Jack Burkman, in an interview on Current TV, actually said that the Benghazi attacks were WORSE than 9/11 because [...]


NFL: It’s None Of Your Business!

I was watching the coverage of the first round of the NFL draft which began with an interview between ESPN’s Chris Berman and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. At one point during the interview the talk turned to Alan Gendreau – the openly gay kicker from Middle Tennessee State who is hoping to catch on with [...]


This “Cowering Bostonian Liberal” Doesn’t Need An AR15 To Be Tough!

I saw that Arkansas state senator Nate Bell tweeted out a very misguided observation about “liberals” and people in my hometown, it read: I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?#2A — Nate Bell (@NateBell4AR) April 19, 2013   It got me [...]


Dear Brad Paiseley, Being An “Accidental Racist” IS Avoidable!

So I read an article in which country music artist Brad Paisley performed a duet with LL Cool J for his song “Accidental Racist” in which he sings that just because he wears a T shirt with the confederate flag on it that doesn’t make him a racist, no, that makes him…wait…..for………a:” Lynyrd Skynyrd fan [...]


Gay Marriage… A “Taxing” Problem?

Leave it to a GOP Senator to try and connect marriage equality with a “flat tax” which benefits the wealthy at the expense of middle & lower income citizens. Leave it to them to try and get even more tax breaks for the wealthiest while trying to sound as if they’re relenting on an issue [...]


Not by a Longshot!

It was asked by another radio guy I know on Facebook: It has been 10 years since the Iraq war began, was it worth it? First off let’s all be honest Saddam had NO WMD, NO connection to Al Qaeda, he was secular and they are religious fanatics. He never tried to impose a “Jihad”, [...]


GOP – “The Walking Dead”

With the closing of CPAC this past weekend and the grandstanding over the Paul Ryan “Budget” by Representative Ryan, Representative Cantor & Speaker of the house John Boehner this morning there have been many who have sounded the death knell of the Republican party by heart & brain failure. That’s an easy but erroneous assertion, [...]


Steubenville = Stupidville

In the aftermath of the Steubenville rape case and the subsequent guilty verdicts of the football players involved I felt the need to speak up as it seems like the victim in this case is receiving unjust criticism and the usual tactic of blaming the victim. Let’s look at CNN’s coverage of the guilty verdict: [...]


Save The Whales! …And While We’re At It, the Post Office Too!

I just read an article on “The Week” magazines website that asked the question: “Can the Post Office be saved” To which I said, absolutely YES! And we don’t have to buy bumper stickers that say : “Save the Post Office” or walk around with pickets in support of our local post office and supporting [...]


Only White, Straight Women Who Are Citizens Apply!

In the latest twist in the  Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) saga we’ve learned today that Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R) Tennessee opposed the Violence against women act because it: “Protected too many groups”  and dilutes funding for straight, non-native American US citizens and those non-citizens lawfully in the US: “When you start to make this [...]


Let’s Get Ready To Blame The Media!

Okay, Imagine if you will the famous ring announcer Michael Buffer shouting those words just as Willard – or as I call him “Mittens” Romney and his delusional wife Ann sit down with shockingly enough Fox News Chris Wallace to lay blame at the feet of anyone they can for Mittens loss to President Obama [...]