Performance Art In Congress

Performance Art In CongressAre you an art fan? Enjoy the avant garde?

Do you enjoy Mummenschanz and performances of the like?

Well, if that’s your idea of theater you haven’t seen anything like what happened in congress when the GOP decided that they needed to pass a bill that is unconstitutional, has no chance of being passed in the Senate, nor will it be signed by the President, heck the SCOTUS wouldn’t even let it stand!

I am speaking of course about HR1797 which was trotted out, spoken about by such GOP luminaries as Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Marcia Blackburn and a star studded cast of who’s who in the dimly lit bulb above the head crowd, spoke in favor of this bill today.

With 11.8 million people unemployed do you think that would take precedence?

Absolutely not!

We can’t create meaningful jobs and make sure President Obama gets credit for anything!

College loan rates about to skyrocket, shouldn’t we address that?

We don’t want to be “snobs” – thank you Rick Santorum (I feel a bit queasy thanking him BTW) and try to make sure we have an educated society and not saddle them with debt so the short answer would be NO! Not going to help students.

Infrastructure! I KNOW they HAVE to be concerned about that right? I mean we all drive on roads full of potholes that we ALL complain about, have heard about collapsing bridges in Minnesota & Washington (just to name a few) so they MUST have spoken about an infrastructure program that would “kill 2 birds with one stone” – affect the unemployment rate and fix the country’s Infrastructure right?

Well, you’re close, it was about “killing” – in their eyes that is….

What was this performance art that was on full view on CSPAN and by countless #’s of field trip students were able to witness today?

Why it was HR1797 which would outlaw abortion after 20 weeks, and not just that, but they also said in their grandstanding that this is the first step to abolish abortion entirely!

Ok, so with ALL the problems facing this country, and  in particular the unemployment problem, they want to vote on meaningless abortion legislation so they can feel good and perform like trained monkey’s dancing around the Hurdy Gurdy for their conservative base so they can now send out fund raising requests because they “stood for the unborn”!?

Speaker Boehner today said the GOP’s #1 focus is “Jobs”, oh REALLY!?

Then what was this circus that just happened?

There’s only so much time in the legislative session and when something like this gets taken up then other issues receive less legislative time to get anything done so I guess their #1 focus is NOT jobs but you didn’t need ‘Ol Brewski to clue you in on that, you already knew that!

Let’s just hope that we as progressives do everything we can to deliver the congress in the midterms to the President and keep the Senate for the President because if we don’t then we’ll be front and center for this kind of foolishness for the rest of the President’s term.

Suddenly “The Jim Rose Circus sideshow” seems like Masterpiece Theater when compared to the GOP “working” in congress.

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