Oklahoma GOP Senator Tom Coburn: Cold As Ice

Tom CoburnIn the song “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner, singer Lou Gramm sang:

“You’re as cold as ice
You’re willing to sacrifice our love
You never take advice
Someday you’ll pay the price, I know”

Keep the song in your head as we go to the next bar:

“I’ve seen it before, it happens all the time
(Oooh-oooh) You’re closing the door, you leave the world behind
You’re digging for gold, yet throwing away
(Aaah-aaah) A fortune in feelings, but someday you’ll pay”

Now who could be this cold? “Mr. Freeze” from “Batman”?  Nope!

“Iceman” from “Spiderman & His Amazing Friends”? Wrong again!

O’Shea Jackson – better known to you and me as “Ice Cube”? Nahhhhhhh!

So now you’re probably saying: “I give up Brewski, who is colder than anyone you named?”

The answer: Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma!

Did you see his appearance on “Face the nation”?

In the event you missed his “heartwarming sentiments” towards disaster victims including ones in his very state that are right now struggling with losing everything and yet he has the gall, the temerity to say things like disaster victims “don’t have to be responsible” amongst other “cold as ice” sentiments towards the people that put him in office!

So you people out there in Moore, Oklahoma… Tom Coburn has some Dick Cheney words for you:

“Fuck Off!” Well, ok he didn’t say THOSE words exactly but what he did say basically means the same thing, oh and while he was at it, he was calling you irresponsible for not being able to just pick up and go buy a new house after a tornado with winds topping over 200 MPH blows away all you own.

Is this guy serious? Can he be that cold hearted? Can he actually think that he can say something like this and NOT hurt his chances for re-election? Does he think the voters of Oklahoma believe as he does? That they will stand by and vote for a man who says such heinous things when the state is going through its worst natural disaster perhaps EVER?!

He doesn’t go up for re-election until 2016, so perhaps he will get away with saying what he did with no consequences. BUT… if he keeps pushing this line of thinking than he is seriously endangering his chances of re-election.

I certainly don’t have any delusions that somehow Oklahoma would vote a Democrat in to replace Coburn, especially since they haven’t had a democratic Senator since A.S. Mike Monroney who represented the state from 1951-1969, but at the very least they have to show Coburn that when you’re elected by the people you don’t turn your back on them in their hour of need!

“Cold as ice, you know that you are
Cold, cold, as, as, ice, as cold as ice to me
Cold, cold, as, as, ice”

Yes Lou Gramm, you inadvertently wrote a song about Senator Tom Coburn back in 1977 and you didn’t even know it, imagine that!

I hope the voters of Oklahoma use their warm hearts to melt the ice cold Tom Coburn and freeze him out of another Senatorial term!

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