The NRA Loves Obama

The NRA Loves ObamaIf you look at the headlines that are being made by the NRA’s fight against the Obama administration, you’d think the NRA hates Obama. But the NRA has a dirty little secret… they LOVE Obama! They love him so much they would elect him to a 3rd term; they love him so much they would marry him… if they hadn’t already given their hearts to their guns. I know that the NRA pretends to hate Obama, but that’s all part of the game of manipulation they’re playing on the American public.

The NRA used to be a group for gun lovers teaching safety & marksmanship. But that was then and this is now… and nowadays, the NRA is simply a lobbying group for the gun industry. And like any good lobbying group, they want to make more money for their industry. That’s why they love Obama and the “fake outrage” spin-machine they’ve developed around him because the more afraid (uniformed) people are, the more guns they buy. Have you noticed that gun sales have been sky high since Obama was elected in 2008? Did you notice the spike in gun sales after he was re-elected? Did you notice the surge in gun sales after common sense gun legislation was brought up after the Newtown shooting? The NRA isn’t blind; they see money rolling in and don’t want to stop it. They know that if Mitt Romney had won the Presidency that gun owners would have felt their arsenals were safe and sales would have gone down… do you really think they wanted that?

One of the frustrating things for liberals when it comes to debating gun laws with conservatives is the lack of common sense. We ask ourselves “who could be against background checks for all gun sales?” As recently as 10 years ago the NRA were promoting universal background checks (and a majority of their current members support them) so why are they against them now? But that’s the whole problem; we assume they want to discuss this rationally even though they clearly don’t. There’s nothing rational about fear-mongering and that’s exactly what the NRA is doing.

How often has a gun lover told you that “nobody is going to confiscate my gun!”? Try telling them that nobody has brought up confiscation and see if that logic sways them. It won’t because they don’t want to hear any logic that contradicts their emotions. Trying telling a gun-nut that the 2nd Amendment does not offer unlimited gun ownership to all and they will only spew some NRA propaganda back at you. Try telling a gun owner that GOP’ers like Senator Lindsey Graham are being total hypocrites when they come out against background checks for all gun sales… but then support the NSA data-mining program because they feel that innocent people should have nothing to hide. That of course is the entire premise of gun background checks (making sure that only the “good guys” get guns by proving they’re “good guys”), but gun rights advocates can’t admit that or their whole argument falls apart.

The NRA sees the writing on the wall and they are scared. Gun ownership is declining, especially amongst the youth of our nation. The majority of gun owners are white men and that demographic is fading. Violent crime is at historic lows and the odds of anyone breaking into your house when you’re home at night (the scenario every NRA member touts) are also at historic lows and will most likely never happen to you. But the one thing that is not fading away is fear and fear is the best motivation to buy a gun. So the NRA will keep tricking the masses into believing that Obama is coming after their guns and will keep fear-mongering to boost gun sales. Please don’t fall for this and keep in mind the famous words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”.

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