How’s The “New” GOP Doing So Far? Not Well…

After the GOP lost the 2012 election, they ordered an “autopsy report” to find out why they died on November 6th 2012. The findings of the report were recently announced and it got the causes of death right: The GOP is perceived as the party of stuffy old white men who are against women & minorities, they refuse to accept social changes, and they’re opposed to raising taxes on wealthy businesses and individuals. That all sounds correct to me. The GOP realized that they needed to change that perception if they ever wanted to win the White House again. So let’s see what the GOP flock has done since the release of the autopsy and their new found love of embracing change & new ideas…


Gay Marriage

Popular opinion on gay marriage has now shifted with the majority of Americans supporting the idea. The vast majority of Democrats have publicly expressed support for marriage equality. How about the newly “enlightened” Republicans? As of writing this, a grand total of 4 currently elected Republicans have come out in support of it. To make matters worse, several have taken steps backwards on the topic. The current darling of the conservative movement, Dr. Ben Carson, recently compared being gay to having sex with animals and marrying multiple people at once (he also called liberals “racist”). Senator Saxby Chambliss (R – Georgia) recently said that “I’m not gay. So I’m not going to marry one.” As if you can only support the rights of something that you are. And Rep. Matt Salmon (R – Arizona) says he’s against gay marriage even though his own son is gay. Michigan Republican Dave Agema just called homosexuals “filthy” and accused them of trying to corrupt the youth of America. He called it “laughable” that he should resign for those comments. It’s one thing to not come out in favor of gay marriage, but coming out against it with this blend of arrogance & ignorance is a trick only the Repubs could pull off.


Minority Outreach

Republicans lost the Latino vote by 70% in 2012 and part of their new plan is to embrace the Latino community. They took another big step backwards on that front when Senior GOP congressman Don Young (R – Alaska) referred to Latinos as “wetbacks” in a recent radio interview. To make matters worse, he tried to defend it as something his daddy taught him and he didn’t know it was an offensive term. The fact that he hasn’t figured out in the last 50 years that “wetback” is a racial slur shows you how far behind the GOP is. The state of Texas has had some disturbing shootings of public officials recently and Texas Governor Rick Perry knows why. He just blamed the problem on Mexicans despite the fact that there is zero evidence that undocumented immigrants or the Mexican cartels had anything to do with it, in fact, the current evidence points to good old American white supremacists. But blaming fellow Caucasians doesn’t go over well down south, so the “Mexican boogie man” gets the blame again.


Female Outreach

You can’t win the White House without the support of women, so that has been a big part of the GOP rebranding. So it seems odd that the Republican Party and its’ base have supported Mark Sanford for a congressional race in South Carolina. Mark Sanford was the Governor of that state, but he was forced to resign after we all found out that he’s a lying adulterer. Yet, he’s back and he won the primary for that congressional seat. What does it say about the GOP when the best candidate they can find for the job is a public disgrace? In Arizona, former Republican state rep. Terri Proud was fired from their state department of Veterans Services for saying that women shouldn’t be allowed to fight in combat roles because of their menstrual cycles. In North Dakota, Arkansas and Texas there are Republican led efforts to defund comprehensive sex education programs for at-risk teenagers. This is a major step backwards in the fight against teenage pregnancy. We’re also seeing several Republicans behind new anti-abortion laws across the country. There’s no better way to make your party seem “old & stuffy” then by rehashing a legal debate that was resolved in the early 1970’s.


Silencing The Extreme Voices

The Republicans have a big problem with some big mouths in their party. Donald Trump recently cautioned the GOP against immigration reform because it would lead to “12 million new Democrats”. A new survey finds that 25% of Americans think that Obama is literally the “Antichrist”, yet no prominent Republican has denounced this. Sean Hannity has come out against President Obamas’ kids taking spring break vacations and Rush Limbaugh continues to blame the sequester solely on the President even thought that deal was agreed to by the GOP. These pundits only preach to the choir to pad their bank accounts, not for the greater good of the Republican Party. Yet, the rank & file GOP not only refuse to denounce these talking heads, they continue to support by them being silent and appearing as guests on their shows.


Random Acts Of Stupidity

Republicans were behind a recent attempt at making Christianity the official state religion of North Carolina. They claimed to be exempt from the part of the U.S. constitution that prohibits that. Despite the autopsy claim that the GOP need to fight the perception that they’re in the pockets of the wealthy; they refuse to even consider raising taxes even though the Dems have offered up extensive entitlement cuts that have liberals outraged. Tea Party favorites Rand Paul (R – Kentucky) & Ted Cruz (R – Texas) recently announced they would block any efforts at new gun laws even though they haven’t read them yet. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R – Texas) even managed to link popular gun safety laws to condoning bestiality. Senator James Inhofe (R – Oklahoma) said that he’s “proud” to be a climate change denier despite overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is not a hoax.


Keep in mind that all of this has happened in the past few weeks since the GOP announced its new direction. But there seems to be a lot of Republicans that didn’t get that message. I guess it’s true, old habits die hard. It’s a wonder why the NRA hasn’t taught the GOP any gun safety lessons, since they keep shooting themselves in the foot. At this rate, the next time the Republicans will win the White House will be in the year ’16… 3016.

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