Let’s Get Ready To Blame The Media!

Okay, Imagine if you will the famous ring announcer Michael Buffer shouting those words just as Willard – or as I call him “Mittens” Romney and his delusional wife Ann sit down with shockingly enough Fox News Chris Wallace to lay blame at the feet of anyone they can for Mittens loss to President Obama in the 2012 election.Fox news served up a 65 MPH right down the middle batting practice fastball:

“Do you think the media was in the tank for Barack Obama?”

Mrs. Romney wasted NO time in launching it into the left field seats:

Anytime you’re running for office, you always think you’re being portrayed unfairly,” Ann Romney explained. “And of course on our side, we believe that there’s more bias in favor of the other side. I think that’s a pretty universally felt opinion.”

Oh Ann, how stereotypical to bemoan the “left leaning media”, I was expecting a little better BUT she did take the big swing and said her husband was “treated unfairly”?

So he didn’t say :  “Corporations are people my friend”

Nor did he say that:” 47 % of Americans are with the President because they are dependent on the government” AND: “I’ll never convince them to take personal responsibility and care for their lives”

Rather than rehash ALL his misspeakings – Hello “Trees being the right height” I will leave you with the first two doozies which showed the country something that I, as a Massachusetts voter knew going back to the days of when Mittens ran against Ted Kennedy for Senate and that is that he is a snobby, uber elite, smarmy individual who if he held his nose any higher he would have a severe nose bleed problem.

He never connected with average voters, he showed NO empathy for how the average person lived on a daily basis, never fought for average people at all which was the complete opposite of Senator Kennedy & his family who, despite being incredibly wealthy always fought for average people.

THAT is the reason Mittens lost the election Ann, NOT because of anything the media reported!

The media didn’t put those words in his mouth, the media didn’t give him the appearance  of Harvey Dent – aka: “Two Face” from Batman crossed with Thurston Howell III

HE did it to himself through his words, deeds & actions at campaign stops, in media interviews and even the “spontaneous” events like when he and Paul Ryan handed out subs in Waukesha, WI. Back in May where he looks so uncomfortable even interacting with “his people” ie”: GOP voters.

Now, if he can’t be comfortable with them HOW can most of the country or at least 51% of the country want him as their leader?

I understand that Ann is speaking as a spouse much like the parent of an ugly kid who no matter what their kid is still pretty or handsome and I know she’s biased but HOW can she NOT see what the voters saw?

Is she completely blind & deaf? Has she not heard all the missteps?

Or could it just be that she’s just as the expert at snobbery as Mittens so to her nothing seems wrong at all.

Ann, there’s a great football coach named Bill Parcells who has said numerous times words that I suggest you take to heart : “Ya are what ya are”

The voters of this country saw your husband for he is and they didn’t like what they saw hence why he is not the president today.

It has NOTHING to do with the media, not in the way you have accused but rather it was just the media putting Mittens center stage, unplugged and let him go to town and it was his performances that did him in and not any bias as alleged by you.

Oh, BTW  Ann, how’s that car elevator coming along in your California home? And does the garage hold all the Cadillac’s that Mitt said you own & drive?





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