Liberal or Logical?

As we launch our new site, Lefty, I wanted to talk about the label of being “liberal”. The finely tuned Republican spin machine has made “liberal” a dirty word in recent years. They throw it in our faces like we should be ashamed of it and many “liberals” have taken the bait and shied away from it. We need to take a note from the LGBT community and start a new era of “Liberal Pride”, or if you prefer, take a note from the X-Men and adopt the mantra of “Liberal and Proud” (pardon the comic book reference). After all, I truly believe that being “liberal” is just being “logical”. The Republicans have made themselves the “anti-science party”, so now would be a good time to embrace the logic of being liberal. Pick a topic, any topic… is it logical to discriminate against gay people and tell them they can’t get married? No. Is it logical to deny science and pretend that climate change is a hoax? No. Is it logical to fund wars during a recession and keep tax rates at historic lows? No. Is it logical to ask our young men & woman to sacrifice their health or lives fighting these wars but not ask the extremely rich to sacrifice with higher taxes? No. Is it logical that alcohol is legal, yet people go to prison for smoking marijuana? No. Is it logical that somebody can fail a background check at a gun shop, but then turn around and buy a gun with NO background check in the local want ads? No. Is it logical that woman get paid less to do the same job as men? No. Is it logical to deny people access to affordable healthcare? No. Is it logical to compare President Obama to Hitler? No!!!

I could go on and on… and we will here at Lefty Liberal. The “right” in this country is well organized and motivated to do everything that is illogical. Liberals need to standup, embrace being liberal (or logical) and let their voices be heard in public forums like this and most importantly… in the voting booth. If every “liberal” in this country voted, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. The reason that Fox “News” and Rush Limbaugh are successful is that conservatives like hearing their narrow minded views spewed back at them in an articulate way. Whereas liberals do not have the need to be preached at by the choir, but we still need to be heard for fear of being drowned out by the right. Perception is reality and we can’t have the undecided masses in this country thinking that we don’t care. We too often back off in social settings and don’t standup for what is right, which is understandable, it’s like arguing with the crazy homeless guy on the corner… and who wants to do that? You won’t change his mind, but maybe you can change the minds of a few of the people standing there listening to him. That’s why I do this. Every now and again I’m able to use facts and logic to convince someone “on the fence” that the right is trying to get them to drink the Kool-Aid. They use propaganda, we use logic. So is being on the left “liberal” or “logical”? I’m proud to say that the two are interchangeable.

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