John Stossel Needs Another Slap In The Face

John StosselSo John Stossel thinks that no one went hungry back before this country had a social safety net.

He thinks that you can cut many branches of the government including the Commerce and Agriculture Departments and there would be huge savings to the tax payer.

Well John, I’m going to (figuratively) do what Dr. D David Schultz did to you (literally) years ago and slap you down! You remember when the good Doctor took offense to your question about wrestling being fake? As if an open hand slap or loose punch even pulled a bit doesn’t hurt? In case you forgot, here’s the video…

Yeah, that’s right, that’s an open hand slap, was that fake?
Now for my (figurative) slapping around of you, you smarmy, elitist, entitled worm…

So we can get rid of the Commerce Department, huh? Commerce “just happens”, right John? Ask the Chamber of Commerce how much the Commerce Department means to them and their members, bet you didn’t think about that did you Stossel?

Once the Chamber comes out against what he said he’ll retract that statement especially since the GOP is so beholden to the chamber.

Those missions around the world promoting US trade, the ones the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT undertake, they don’t have any bearing on how businesses & corporations in this country thrive, right?

Then there’s the Agriculture Department; who makes sure that farmers’ food is purchased by schools for lunches for children. That puts guaranteed money in those farmers’ pockets, not to mention helps with loans so that the farmers have the cash to buy seed and equipment to make their livelihood possible!

That’s another GOP laden constituency – farmers and rural people and you want to take away the agency that makes sure the few family farms we have left in this country survive?

As for the assertion that Herbert Hoover – one of the WORST presidents we’ve EVER had, who said that the hobo’s were getting fed better than they ever had – you’re REALLY going to brag that your soup & bread lines are so efficient that you feed homeless people better than anyone else in the world….REALLY!? THAT is something to be “Proud” of?

Did you forget that Hoover was the one who signed the Hoot Smalley act into law? That it was a main reason for the Great Depression to begin with, that it was protectionism at its core, fair tariffs are one thing… but when you put forth a law that helps send the country into financial ruin, well, where I come from it’s not a good thing!

The mere fact that he spoke about Herbert Hoover in a glowing light shows just how uneducated this man is, how his brain is devoid of facts and truth, how he doesn’t think before he speaks and this is yet again another example of someone from Fox “News” putting their foot in their mouth. Mmmmm… foot.

Better yet let’s see Dr. D putting his left & right hands upside Stossel’s face again!!!

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