Now Instructing “Legalese” – Professor Sarah Palin

Sarah PalinGuess who’s “back”, attention whore that she is and giving Mr. Falafel a run for his money in his favorite late year cause de celebre?

If you guessed the half term Governor of Alaska and all her “folksy charm” then you’d be right!

Not only is she back but she’s even pitching a new book in which she picks up the phony “War on Christmas” crusade that O’Reilly has trumpeted all these many years.

Not only is her book about this make believe “assault on the holidays” but she’s going to help those who support her and Bill O’s fight against us terrible liberals with “legalese”.

Are you scared? Quaking in your Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, Birkenstocks or whatever other footwear you’re currently wearing?

Sarah Palin is going to fight the good fight, saving Christmas from us heathen liberals with the sword and shield that is “legalese” and we don’t stand a chance!

I picture her and O’Reilly riding horses, looking like Knights Templar clad in armor and white attire, red crosses emblazoned on their shields all fighting in the name of “saving Christmas” so that there can be Christmas trees everywhere, so the oppressed can say : “Merry Christmas” without fear of reprisal, nasty looks or scoffing huffs of exasperation.


They envision a holiday season that looks much like what they refer to as “The good old days” which can be seen every Sunday on AMC and it’s called “Mad Men”.

THAT is what they hope to go back to but they never qualify it by saying that they want it to selectively go back to those days as in wanting all the great social progress this country has made including mothers working, African Americans having the right to vote, heck even 18 year olds having the right to vote just to name a few.

We saw it on the campaign trail with so many people, mostly older citizens at McCain town halls screaming : “I want my country back!” which, whether they like it or not does mean that they want to go back to a time where we didn’t have those social changes that so many have sacrificed even giving their lives for.

Yes, this mythical “war on Christmas” can be linked to conservatives and the GOP being out of touch, non-inclusive of anything that’s white, Christian, Anglo Saxon on social issues because they never say :”I like the progress this country has made I just wish I could wish someone a Merry Christmas like I did when I was a kid”.

To them it’s an all-encompassing thing, with the progress of this country being wrapped up with the “War on Christmas”, to them an all-out assault on “what made America great”.

I have news for them, what made America great was embracing all cultures, all backgrounds, allowing everyone to contribute to the national identity.

We’re a different society now, more diverse, more inclusive, we encourage people to share themselves, beliefs & culture because we recognize it makes us a richer nation intellectually and in the pocketbook, I mean think about all the Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and other holiday decorations, foods & celebrations people spend money on.

What it all comes down to yet again is  the GOP is showing themselves to narrow the scope of who they want to represent and reach as a party and if you don’t fit that, or stay in the background with your mouth shut while they run things their way then you are an “enemy”.

“War on Christmas”, is laughable but scary because there are so many people who buy into it and who think that there really is some sort of evil plan to secularize the country and take away anything they hold dear when that isn’t the case at all.

Make no mistake, Palin will rake in the dough on this book, her fear-mongering will fill her bank account more than she could imagine and all because people buy into a myth that ranks up there with Nessie, the Easter Bunny, & the Tooth Fairy but this myth is far more nefarious and will divide us even more.

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