An Inconvenient Truth For Climate Change Believers

climate changeThe tides are shifting when it comes to believing that the tides are shifting from climate change. For years now many of us liberals have been warning that the extreme weather we’re all seeing right in front of our faces is caused by the inconvenient truth that climate change is real and man is causing it. 98% of practicing climatologists believe this to be true and now the majority of Americans believe it as well due in part to “Super Storm Sandy”, epic amounts of spring snow, rising sea levels, melting polar ice caps, and the devastating summer drought of 2012 that cost the U.S. $35 billion. But there’s a different kind of inconvenient truth that we true-believers must now accept… the drought of 2012 was NOT caused by climate change.

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released a report that studied the cause of the 2012 draught and determined that man-made climate change had little to no effect on it and that natural changes in weather patterns caused it all. It pointed at two specific causes; the low-pressure system that normally drops a lot of rain in May& June did not occur nor did the usual summer thunderstorms. The two combined led to the record low amounts of rain. Add that with higher than normal temperatures (which by the way, the study does not point out why those temps were higher than normal) and you get the subsequent drought. This is definitely an inconvenient truth for those trying to use what’s right in front of our faces as proof of climate change. After all, it made for a really convenient talking point to blame that drought on humans.

But a liberal embraces science and facts and now is not the time to stop. As many of the doubters are quick to point out; the weather has historically gone through natural changes that led to floods, droughts or record high & low temperatures. That’s a scientific fact and we would be shooting ourselves in the foot to pretend that it has gone away. Climate change deniers will be quick to use this study to cast doubt on the facts of man-made climate change. But the rest of us need to continue to rely on science to point out the truth and not cherry-pick the facts. Accepting that not all changes in the weather are caused by man just reinforces the data that points to those events that are. Arming yourself with the facts is the best way to fight ignorance. The last thing we want to do is sight the 2012 drought as proof of man-made climate change only to have a denier throw it back in our faces as a lie. After all, if a witness at a trial is caught lying on the stand, any good lawyer would argue that you shouldn’t believe anything they said if it can be proved that they lied about part of their testimony.

The “good news” here is that the NOAA study made no claim that man-made climate change is a hoax. In fact, NOAA has released previous reports for 2011 that did directly link extreme weather to man-made climate change. This study was released in part to show that it didn’t have any connection in the summer of 2012, which proves that it’s reasonable to think that it did. Otherwise, the headline for this study could have been “drought not caused by Unicorns”. But since blaming the drought on mythical creatures would be ridiculous, it’s safe to say that blaming it on man-made climate change was perfectly reasonable since there’s nothing mythical about it. It’s a reality and we all need to keep sighting the facts of the matter if we ever want to take real steps towards changing it.

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