GOP – “The Walking Dead”

GOP- Guns- Walking DeadWith the closing of CPAC this past weekend and the grandstanding over the Paul Ryan “Budget” by Representative Ryan, Representative Cantor & Speaker of the house John Boehner this morning there have been many who have sounded the death knell of the Republican party by heart & brain failure.

That’s an easy but erroneous assertion, not the death knell itself but rather the cause of said death because one cannot die from heart & brain failure if you never had one to begin with.

We all know the heartlessness of the GOP, in particular Ryan, Boehner, Cantor and their acolytes, they’re more than happy to hand more to the wealthy and cut the poor as is evidence in the budget Representative Ryan revealed  today.

In it he wants to bring the corporate tax rate down to 25%, personal tax rates to 10 & 25%, brings forth NO progressivity at all, no provision for such is in the framework of the budget & bill that instructs how the tax code is to be revamped so that means the tax burden left is to be picked up by the poorest Americans.

Moreover it cuts billions in Medicare, Medicaid, food assistance, cuts Obamacare and 30 million Americans lose health insurance, in short it’s like Steven Tyler  and Aerosmith would say is: “The same old song & dance”.

They believe that giving more to the wealthy and less to middle class families and the poor is fair and equitable, that somehow the wealthy will toss some breadbrumbs to the poor through “trickle down economics”, well, we all remember what former President George HW Bush called that kind of thinking in the GOP primaries leading up to the 1980 election : “Voo Doo Economics” and we’ve all seen just how awesomely “Trickle down economics” has worked since 1980 haven’t we?

Even members OF the GOP including tea party members call Ryans budget into question but only on the revenue side, they say his revenue projections are “too optimistic” but they don’t say a word about cuts to the most vulnerable.

Which leads to my belief that they have no heart, they have no capacity to care for their fellow Americans, there are FAR less wealthy people in this country than regular, every day average citizens, don’t they want to make life livable and fruitful for the majority?

Sadly we know the answer to that question and you don’t need me to point it out, it’s there to see plain as day through their words,deeds & actions in congress.

The GOP to me are like the zombies in “The Walking Dead”, the zombies sole purpose is to eat brains since their own is compromised, oh it’s there physically but as for any type of constructive use that’s not happening at all.

The walk around, catatonic, looking for their next meal much like the GOP for it’s next tax cut or program to cut because they believe in “Makers & takers”, in the *I* , *Me* and *MINE* rather than the: *WE*, *US* and *OURS* as in WE can make sure people have healthcare, It’s up to US to make sure we can all go see a Doctor when we need to and OUR country has the strongest economy and most educated work force because we invested in OUR education system.

Make no mistake about it, the GOP IS the political embodiment of “The Walking Dead” and the way we rid ourselves of their destructive force is to vote them out because trying to get someone to care who has no heart or reason with someone who has no brain does NOT work!

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