Gay Marriage… A “Taxing” Problem?

Gay Marriage - Equality- Gay RightsLeave it to a GOP Senator to try and connect marriage equality with a “flat tax” which benefits the wealthy at the expense of middle & lower income citizens.

Leave it to them to try and get even more tax breaks for the wealthiest while trying to sound as if they’re relenting on an issue many Democrats and most liberals support – Gay marriage.

In case you missed it Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky was on Fox News Sunday advocating NOT for marriage equality but rather a flat tax and spoke about how it would “benefit” gays & lesbians.

During an exchange with Chris Wallace he said that while he is for “traditional marriage” he thought that if the federal government  were “neutral” on married couples filing jointly, ie: no “advantage” for married couples and if gay couples were allowed to file same as their straight married counterparts that somehow gays wouldn’t want to get married anymore and thus “threaten” what they like to call “traditional marriage”.

While true, marriage was in the past a business transaction to bring family farms together to make them larger & stronger much like corporations merge these days, the fact is that over the years marriage has evolved into something more than a business transaction.

It’s been about love, and commitment and that may sound silly because we’ve all heard of “marriages of convenience” and people marrying for money or any number of reasons, the fact remains that the vast majority of marriages are born from love and wanting to commit oneself to one person.

Most gay couples want the right to marry not for financial reasons but for reasons from the heart. They love their partner just like any straight person loves their partner. They want to get married for the same reasons straight people do – for love, commitment, because they found the one person in this world who makes them feel safe and loved and whom they love in return.

It’s not about tax breaks, it’s about being able to visit that partner when they’re sick and dying in the hospital and not be treated as “just another acquaintance” but rather as the person the patient has leaned on in good times and bad, loved with all their heart, in short a spouse! Rand Paul & the GOP think everything is about money & taxes when in fact what it’s about is the heart, plain & simple and that’s why they’ll never get it and never get votes from anyone who supports marriage equality.

They just don’t get it and even when  they think they “get it” they can’t even sell their position with any sort of believability!

So much for “re-branding” themselves huh? Just proves my point even more that the GOP is the political version of “The Walking dead”.

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