Gay Marriage, Bestiality & Polygamy – One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

One of the queerest arguments I’ve heard against gay marriage is the slippery slope idea that if gays are allowed to get married then a man marrying an animal or a man having multiple wives is next.

It should be noted that zoophilia and polygamy are both illegal while being gay is not. The reality is that being gay does not preclude one from getting a license to drive, vote or purchase a handgun. So if gay marriage is not illegal and homosexuals are not seen as second class citizens by any other measure why should they be subject to restrictions others are not.

Of course these people never consider the counterfactual to their simplistic argument. If sexual orientation can be used to discriminate when it comes to marriage what’s next? Perhaps these same people will take aim at other sinners like overweight gluttons, lazy sloths or those who exhibited the rage of wrath. But why stop there, felons aren’t allowed to own a gun so why should they be allowed to get a marriage license? Adulterers have obviously proven they aren’t serious about the solemn vows of marriage. Maybe anyone with a handicap shouldn’t be given the opportunity to share their life with someone. Marriages between individuals of different faiths are three times as likely to end in divorce so why let them get married in the first place. Also some believe the purpose of marriage is to birth children so perhaps anyone incapable of producing offspring shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

The reason these people manufacture such off the wall arguments is because there is no reality based justification for their bigotry. If these people really cared as deeply as the claim about the institution of marriage they would put their anti-gay energy into improving marriages instead of restricting who can marry. With nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce they could use their exuberance to lower that number by eliminating spousal abuse, helping some before they have an affair, counseling those with addiction, warning people of the pitfalls of working too much or increasing everyone’s educational achievement – all of which will lower divorce rates and secure the sanctity of marriage.

But if you think that 1 in 25 people that you see on the street who were born gay are somehow inhuman deviants who deserve to have their rights restricted – I will pray for you.

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