Fertilizer For Your Farm Courtesy Of Paul Ryan!

Vanity Paul RyanPaul Ryan went on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC to bemoan the fact that the Democrats were the reason the farm bill wasn’t passed:

“I didn’t support the farm bill,” Ryan told MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “The Democrats promised 40 votes and they didn’t deliver the votes that they had promised. Our leaders brought the bill to the floor based on the commitment that Democrats from the agricultural districts made. And then during consideration of this bill on the floor, they reneged on the commitment of the 40 votes that they promised and the bill went down.”

Notice those first few words? : “I didn’t support the farm bill”

Pot…. meet Kettle, hope you two like one another!

Let’s see, he didn’t support the bill, complains that the Democrats didn’t bring in 40 votes to make it happen but makes NO mention of the 40 GOP votes those Democratic votes were taking the place of to get the bill passed, including his OWN!!!!

If he’s so concerned about this country’s farmers WHY didn’t he vote to support a bill that provides subsidies for farmers, helps them get loans, and buys their crops from them at a guaranteed price for school lunch programs?

If he’s so concerned that the farm bill didn’t get passed how come he didn’t propose any changes in it that WOULD have garnered his support?

The reason is he doesn’t care! IF he had ANYTHING positive to offer in this bill or even something that would appeal to the GOP he would have said so loud & proud!

NOBODY loves Paul Ryan more than Paul Ryan; he’s the “Vanity Smurf” of the Congress and is the king of tooting his own horn so if he had something to offer in this bill you bet your ass he would be in front of a TV camera saying so.

Hey Paul! Here’s a suggestion: get Congressman McCarthy of California – your party’s whip to do his damn job!

It’s his job to make sure everyone is voting the way you want them to, if he has to do some arm twisting or make a deal he does it but apparently Congressman McCarthy either is terrible at his job or just didn’t care!

My money’s on the latter, the GOP doesn’t care about family farms just like they don’t care about the poorest Americans who were going to suffer with the cuts in the SNAP program that lead to the Democrats NOT voting for the bill!

They don’t care about rural farmers who are their voting base and yet they get voted in again and again.

I will leave you with this, Paul Ryan can complain all he likes about the Democrats not delivering votes for a bill he DIDN’T support but all he has to do is look in that mirror, we know he loves to do, look in that mirror and see who TRULY let family farmers down.

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