Climate Change Will Kill Us All!

climate changeEvery time the weather gets a little colder the usual conservative conspiracy theorists come out of the woodworks, thumping their chests and claiming the “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” are just some liberal media hoax imagined by Al Gore and his posse of green corporate pirates (also known as “job creators” when lead by Republicans). And rather than supply anything that counters the litany of data that exists in opposition to their position they pretend that because they have to put on a winter hat and jacket they are suddenly experts in science.

Each week they come up with a new completely unsupported argument that is instantly embraced by climate deniers regardless of the facts. Last week it was “remember when it was Global Cooling” and this week’s trendy denial is “no statistically significant warming’ between 1995 and 2009“. Next week it will be another misunderstanding of the facts or clever manipulation of reality and you can guarantee that every week it will include some form of “liberal media bias” since believing in a meme is much easier for climate denying simpletons than reading a scientific article.

The reality is that the earth is getting warmer, there is more CO2 in the air now than ever, and the strength and severity of storms are growing.

While many conservatives may not take climate change seriously entities like the insurance industry, the US military and even Exxon Mobil certainly do.

In a recent report to investors Exxon Mobil made the following statements:

“Society currently faces, and will continue to face, two major, global energy-related challenges. The first is to maintain and expand energy supplies to meet global demand. The second challenge is to address the societal and environmental risks poses by rising greenhouse gas emissions”

“we believe an economy-wide, revenue neutral, greenhouse gas (carbon) tax is the tool most likely to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the minimum cost to society.”

“Rising greenhouse gas emissions pose risks to society and ecosystems that could be significant. Since most of these emissions are energy-related, any integrated approach to meeting the world’s growing energy need over the coming decades will incorporate strategies to address the risk of climate change.”

“In 2010, ExxonMobil and SGI opened a new greenhouse research and testing facility, entering an important second stage in the collaboration to develop strains of
algae that could produce refinery feedstock and make transportation fuels.”

If President Obama or other leading Democrats made these statements you could be certain Fox News and the “Society of Climate Change Deniers” would make fun of algae as a solution or lament the Socialism of a carbon tax, but the truth is when you are forced to put your money where your mouth is – climate change is a real and serious issue.

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