Chris Christie Gets The Smackdown

Christie Smack DownChris Christie’s been busy, very busy and he’s not doing what we may think.

He’s not making the rounds of the many Roy Rogers restaurants that dot the Garden State parkway, nor is he trying to get into the Hometown Buffet or Old Country Buffet halls of fame and he’s also not hanging with Tony, Paulie Walnuts or any of the Sopranos crew at the Bada-Bing!

No, he’s busy vetoing legislation that he suggested like the sniper rifle ban and “reluctantly” signing a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors.

On the 50 caliber sniper rifles Christie waited until 6PM on Friday night when he knew no reporters would be around and issued this statement:

In a veto message to the General Assembly, Christie wrote that the bill “will not further our collective fight against crime, but serve only to confuse law-abiding gun owners with the threat of imprisonment for lawful recreation. I cannot approve of that result.”

In the event you don’t know what the size of a 50 caliber bullet is look below:

Bullet SizesThe large bullet on the right is the 50 Caliber bullet with the one on the far left being a 223 round which is what the standard M-16 rifle fires.

Why anyone needs a rifle that fires a 50 caliber round is beyond me outside of a visceral thrill but even then can you REALLY justify needing a rifle capable of firing bullets that large?

He also decided that singing a bill that prevents irreparable and lasting damage done to children who feel as though they be gay or have gender identity issues was difficult to do because he thought it might be government overstepping.

Now to the Governor’s credit he signed it, even if he did so holding his nose I commend him for doing so but he DID sign it reluctantly and THAT is what’s going to hurt his chances in 2016.

I’m a Democrat & a liberal which is obvious but I did worry that with approval ratings so high across the country that somehow a Christie run in 2016 would be problematic for the Democrats because he might be seen just enough as “Not a tea partier or Christian right Republican” that independent voters and “Reagan Democrats” – If there are any still around might vote for him all of which boosts his chance for victory.

I am now less concerned about that because he can’t help himself, he can’t help but show that through and through he’s just as beholden to his party who is betrothed to the NRA and gleefully so!

I can’t say this happened but I’m sure he was told that he HAD to veto the gun legislation that HE suggested, but was told nonetheless that he had to veto it should it come across his desk, told by the national party and I am sure by the NRA as well.

All of this makes me smile & giddy because the man who prides himself for “telling it like it is” and “being his own man”, the big, bad bully Chris Christie showed that he CAN be bullied himself and isn’t as much of a “political tough guy” as he likes to make himself out to be.

As a Democrat it makes me smile but as a citizen of the United States I worry about the safety of New Jerseyians who don’t have the protection from yet another weapon of war and I am concerned for gay & transgender children in New Jersey because if the law that the Governor signed “reluctantly” doesn’t have teeth in it and the full backing of the legislature how can it be fully implemented and enforced?

It’s a difficult balancing act that I find for myself, what’s good for my party may not be good for the citizens of New Jersey and it’s something I wrestle with.

On one hand I want Christie to keep showing his true colors, to keep drawing attention to himself and feuding with the likes of Rand Paul only to get slapped down by the party because all the infighting hurts his and other GOP candidates chances a little bit at a time but on the other hand I don’t want the citizens of New Jersey to suffer needlessly.

How about you? Where do you stand? Comment below…

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