The Unemployment Rate Is Artificially High


News broke recently that the unemployment rate in America has hit a 5 year low at 6.7% continuing a slow downward trend that has been happening for the past few years. The “glass half full” crowd sees this as a positive sign of our economic recovery, but the “glass half empty” crowd sees this as […]

The Lefty Liberal Interview of Congressman Tom McClintock

Tom McClintock

I was recently able to interview U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock during the government shutdown of 2013. He’s the Republican rep. for California’s 4th district. Despite the state-wide trend of electing Democrats, Tom McClintock represents a more rural & “red” part of California. I found our interview and / or debate to be civil, but as […]

Here’s How The Democrats Should “Compromise” On The Budget

Possible Compromise?

Ever since the government shutdown last week, the GOP has been screaming that the Democrats need to “compromise” to open it back up. That sounds reasonable enough and that’s why they keep saying it. In fact, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Rand Paul (R-KY) were even caught by a “hot mic” (meaning they didn’t know they […]

LGBT Rights – One Problem Leads To Another

California LGBT Flag

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed AB1266 into law. This groundbreaking bill will allow transgender youth to use whatever bathroom, locker room and sports team they feel matches their gender. If you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know that I staunchly support LGBT rights. But I’m really not sure if this bill is […]

Benjamin Franklin Is Wrong

Benjamin Franklin

Ever since the recent revelations that the NSA surveillance program is watching everything you do, a certain founding father has been getting a lot of press. I’m talking about Benjamin Franklin and his famous quote of “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. This […]

Trusting Obama Doesn’t Make You a Hypocrite

Obama and W

Everyone seems to be talking about the NSA spying scandal, if you don’t believe me, just ask the NSA… they probably have it well documented. Much of that talk seems to be focused on people’s opinions as to whether or not this is “ok”. The whole debate has made for some truly strange bedfellows where […]

Working Moms – A Symptom Of A Bigger Disease

Working Moms

A recent report revealed that more women & mothers than ever are working full-time. In fact, roughly 40% of moms are the primary breadwinners in their household. This revelation sparked a series of sexist discussions in the media about what a bad thing this is. Some men theorized that this was upsetting the balance of […]

The NRA Loves Obama

The NRA Loves Obama

If you look at the headlines that are being made by the NRA’s fight against the Obama administration, you’d think the NRA hates Obama. But the NRA has a dirty little secret… they LOVE Obama! They love him so much they would elect him to a 3rd term; they love him so much they would […]

I Could Fire Rush, But I Won’t

Rush Limbaugh

A lot of Liberals like me would love to see Rush Limbaugh go away. There are several petitions and online movements calling on radio stations to FIRE RUSH! This puts me in an awkward situation, because I am the Program Director of a Rush Limbaugh affiliate. So unlike the rest of you, I’m in a […]

Benghazi Won’t Matter In 2016

Clinton and Benghazi

The GOP sharks smell blood in the water and they just won’t let go of Benghazi. They missed their chance to sink Obama over their conspiracy theories and now they have their sights set on Hillary Clinton’s potential 2016 presidential run. Based on the recently released emails, it appears that members of the State Department […]