Illiteracy Rate: A Serious Problem For Many – Political Hackery For Others


My Colleague Gary Wolfram asked an important question recently – “Why are 47 percent of the adult population of Detroit functionally illiterate?” While it should be noted that this statistic is essentially fabricated out of thin air from a report that is now 20 years old the question of literacy is certainly worthy of further […]

How To Solve The Problem Of “Black On Black Crime”

Shooting Range

After the George Zimmerman verdict was announced earlier this year the main stream media suddenly became very interested in “black on black crime”. If you believe some of the talking heads that made this a staple of their programs for a few week period, they were genuinely concerned about the number of African American men […]

Republicans Have Health Insurance Amnesia

Health Care Costs

The main stream media has been very focused recently on various aspects of the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare). While the problems are legitimate the sudden concern from the right over the cost of premiums and paying for more than you need seem disingenuous. Thanks to the ACA millions more Americans will have […]

Republicans Wouldn’t Like A Government Run Like A Business

Government Business

A common talking point in today’s political discussions is the belief that the government should be run like a business. While this is a really awful idea, there are certainly those who believe in this nostrum. So how exactly would a company run the government? Well the Chamber of Commerce whose tag line is “Standing […]

Obama Should Adopt Tort Reform

Tort Reform

Republicans, while opposed to the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare), have spent a lot of time trying to devise and alternative plan. The problem is so much of what makes up the ACA was originated by conservatives and Republicans that they are struggling to come up with a plan that they like that […]

Conservative’s Contribute To Fallacy About Union Power

BART Strike

The recent strike by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has again put public sector unions squarely in the crosshairs of conservatives. While there is plenty of good debates to be had regarding these unions one of the weirdest talking points suggests that public sector unions have an unfair advantage since they negotiate with officials […]

When It Comes To Michigan Job Creation, Rick Snyder Is “One Lucky Nerd”

Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder recently released is first re-election ad touting him as “One Successful Nerd” after just 33 months on the job. Additionally his most recent email blast cleverly implies that he has added 220,000 jobs in Michigan. Unfortunately for the governor, a portion of that job growth happened before he ever took office. According to […]

Help Wanted: Republicans Required To Fix Obamacare


As the Affordable Care Act (affectionately known as Obamacare) struggles to get off the ground the conservative’s are showing that their devotion the making the president look bad far exceeds their interest in cutting deficits, curbing out of control spending, and eliminating the moochers. At this point they have become the ultimate Monday morning quarterbacks […]

Conservative Media’s Obamacare Glitch

Obamacare logo

Since its launch much has been written about the problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA – affectionately known as Obamacare). Even the staunchest supporters would admit that they have been disappointed with the problems many have experienced as this system opened to the public. Of course never missing a chance to pounce, the conservative […]

Republican’s Kill Compromise – Continue To Offer Nothing

repubs kill compromise

Republicans are adamant – the shutdown is all the Democrats fault. The only reason the government is shut down – which Republicans love, except when it politically convenient to hate it – is because the Democrats won’t negotiate or compromise. This is a great talking point except that it isn’t true. John Boehner and Harry […]