The Business Case For Climate Change

Regardless of the science behind it Climate Change is still a hotly debated
topic. And this debate has far reaching implications that most don’t
consider. For example when parents deny the science of climate change or
evolution and offer only their unprofessional opinion as proof they are
teaching their kids that scientific methodologies that brought us a cure for
Polio, that landed a man on the moon, and that lead to nuclear power are

And while many of these people will be the first to complain about the
performance of our kids in school their arrogance could very well be the
cause. After all if kids are constantly hearing that science is hokum then
why would anyone want to become a scientist and if educators who teach
evolution are “liars” why would kids treat them with respect. If parents are
role models then these science denying parents are essentially telling kids
that a layman’s understanding of the world is all you need and that
professionals are not to be trusted.

Of course there are some who “believe” Climate Change is real they just
don’t think humans are responsible. But regardless of who is “responsible”,
Climate Change has a serious impact on all of us and we have a duty to find
solutions. If a meteor were headed for the US we wouldn’t just ignore it and
say “well humans didn’t create this problem”. We would work together to
prevent the devastating effects.

There is also a group that believes in Climate Change and thinks humans are
responsible but think the solutions are “too expensive”. While pervasive,
this mentality couldn’t be more wrong. As the old adage goes a stitch in
time saves nine. The costs of Climate Change are not decreasing as the years go by.
They are getting worse and failure to act now could have dire economic
impacts later.

A recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
shows that as the temperature rises from Climate Change
work production is lost. While some of that can be mitigated with air
conditioners it should be noted that operating air conditioners has a cost
as well. We are also losing out on the jobs that are created by accepting
the reality of Climate Change and working to slow its progress, such as
solar panel and wind turbine manufacturing because we have placed the
concern over higher energy costs above that over job creation.

There is also the costs from events like Superstorm Sandy and the extreme
drought that we experienced this year. Even the bastions of Republican
ideology – corporations and the US military – agree that Climate Change
represents a significant threat to America and the burden of the costs of
these events will again fall on the American consumer.

Denying Climate Change may gain votes and sell ad time but like it or not
the costs and catastrophes associated with it are real. However facts and
data are not really being debated here. No, this debate exists because a
segment of the population denies that the experts in the military, the science
and affected industries know more
than they do. Until we fix the problem of unjustified ego and information deficit this country is currently experiencing -
tackling a complex issue like Climate Change will be nearly impossible.

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