Dear Brad Paisley, Being An “Accidental Racist” IS Avoidable!

So I read an article in which country music artist Brad Paisley performed a duet with LL Cool J for his song “Accidental Racist” in which he sings that just because he wears a T shirt with the confederate flag on it that doesn’t make him a racist, no, that makes him…wait…..for………a:” Lynyrd Skynyrd fan just showing his support!”

Well goll freaking lee Brad! How come you didn’t tell me, hell why haven’t most of those who wear confederate flag shirts or fly confederate flags or have a confederate flag sticker on their vehicle why haven’t they all just told the rest of us that it’s ok, it’s just music man!

We’re just wanting to celebrate Lynyrd Skynyrd, singing “Freebird” at the top of our lungs and bemoaning Neil Young for not understanding southern men in “Sweet home Alambama”, if that’s what this is all about you should have clued us all in a LONG time ago and none of this angst over a flag would be necessary…right?

To quote John Mclean in “Die Hard” : “Ehhhhh Sorry Hans, wrong guess, would you like to go double jeopardy where the scores can really change?”

The fact is most people who wear a confederate flag shirt don’t do so because they’re fans of Skynyrd, rather what they are doing is celebrating a seditious state that tried to secede from the United States over slavery, they wanted to keep slaves, President Lincoln said: “No, you can’t do that” and then the south tried to secede it is that cut and dry!

There are MANY southern apologists out there that try to say the Civil War wasn’t solely about slavery and was about “states rights” well considering that there weren’t other states rights they were complaining about losing I would say slavery was at the top of the list for reasons we fought the civil war.

Want proof? Take a look at “The Cornerstone Speech” given by Confederate Vice President

Alexander H. Stepehens in Savannah, Georgia on March 21, 1861 :

In it he talks about the “proper place of negroes in American society” and argues that the phrase :

“All men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence didn’t apply to anyone other than white people.

Slavery was the PRIME reason we fought the civil war, to argue that it wasn’t is trying to live by revisionist history and looking upon those times with the proverbial “rose colored glasses”.

You CAN be proud of being from the south, you can be proud of the architecture, the gentlemanly culture of the antebellum period in American history but to celebrate such a divisive symbol like the confederate flag besmirches any and all of anything that preceded it.

What Brad fails to understand is that the confederate flag and all it stands for doesn’t have to be the symbol of the south, yes there are some who want to wear it as badge of honor, some will cite the phrase: “The south will rise again!” but they are the uneducated about their history or are cafeteria historians picking and choosing which facts they choose to believe.

It’s perfectly fine to be proud to be from the south and it’s fine to be a Skynyrd fan, I mean who amongst us hasn’t screamed “Freebird” or sang along with the song when it started? I know I have!

If you want to show that you’re a Skynyrd fan I’m sure there are plenty of shirts that have Ronnie Van Zant’s face on the front or a picture of the band pre plane crash.

I did a Google search on “Lynyrd Skynyrd T shirt” and yes there were some that had the confederate flag on them but most had other symbols for the band or silhouetted photos of Ronnie Van Zant so it IS possible to be a Skynyrd fan, show your support and NOT wear a shirt with the confederate flag.

This all shows that there is no “Accidental Racist” whether you Brad Paisley are or are not a racist I can’t say because I don’t know you but what I do know is that you can’t claim ignorance on this subject and there IS a way to both show your support for Skynyrd and not be thought of as a racist and that is not to wear a T shirt with the confederate flag, a symbol like it or not of slavery and those who fought to keep it an institution in this country.

As for LL Cool J, he’s a Republican, and got paid to do the song and while I’m not giving him a pass I’m not surprised he whored himself out to this.

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