This “Cowering Bostonian Liberal” Doesn’t Need An AR15 To Be Tough!

Boston StrongI saw that Arkansas state senator Nate Bell tweeted out a very misguided observation about “liberals” and people in my hometown, it read:

I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?#2A

— Nate Bell (@NateBell4AR) April 19, 2013


It got me so damn pissed off that I sought out his email address to tell him where he could stuff his AR 15 and its high capacity magazine.

I wanted to channel Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson form his heyday in the WWE and tell Senator Bell: “Senator Bell, You know what The Bison’s gonna do with that AR 15 & high capacity magazine of yours? He’s gonna shine it up real nice, turnin’ that sum bitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!”

I didn’t do that though; I felt there would be a more constructive way to express my displeasure, below is the exact email I sent to him:

Re: Your Asinine Tweet

Dear Representative Bell,


I am sure you deleted this email after you saw the subject title but in the event you are reading let me tell you a little something about my hometown of Boston. My home town is home to legitimate tough guys, ones that don’t need guns to take out the likes of the vermin who bombed the city on Monday.


We are a people who don’t need to cower, nor do we need to wish we had an AR 15 with a high capacity magazine.


We may be for common sense gun laws and not think that everyone needs to be armed with military style weapons, but that doesn’t make us weak, FAR from it!


We don’t need guns to make us feel tough or safe because we ARE tough and don’t need the false courage a gun instills in most people.


We know that the second amendment provides that Americans can keep and bear arms but don’t forget about the phrase : “Well regulated militia” which when last I checked we have that in the National Guard and even back in the 1792 we passed “The Militia Acts” which provided for a regimented structure for local militias and even then they were regulated by the government told what kind of weapon they could have, how to keep ammunition etc. it wasn’t a full on free for all and any citizen who had a gun could be a part of the militias without any direction or regulation. BTW the Militia act was updated in 1862 to allow African Americans to enter into service but with you being from the south I wouldn’t imagine you would remember anything from the civil war that didn’t make Jefferson Davis, Alexander H. Stephens, Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson a deity.


The Militia act was also updated in 1903 when among its provisions was the creation of the National Guard. Keep thinking that the founding fathers intended for everyone to have whatever kind of weapon they liked with no rules, laws or regulations, stay in your little man world of false tough guy living hiding behind your guns.


As for me and the rest of the “Boston liberals”, we’ll see your false guy toughness and raise you REAL toughness and resiliency.



Jason Fischer

Proud Boston Liberal and citizen for common sense gun laws.


I’m sure many of the citizens of my hometown didn’t take the high road, but the way I see it, he brought it on himself and has NO idea that he chose the WRONG city to pick on!

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