Benghazi Won’t Matter In 2016

Clinton and BenghaziThe GOP sharks smell blood in the water and they just won’t let go of Benghazi. They missed their chance to sink Obama over their conspiracy theories and now they have their sights set on Hillary Clinton’s potential 2016 presidential run. Based on the recently released emails, it appears that members of the State Department and the CIA sought to homogenize their talking points and downplay any specific connections to a known terrorist group in the immediate aftermath. Some would argue that this is prudent until you have more specific details; others have painted this as a career ending cover-up for Hillary Clinton and something that Obama should be impeached for. Some Democrats are worried that this will taint a potential 2016 White House run for Clinton. But don’t worry, it won’t…


First of all, there is no smoking gun here. In all of those emails that the elephants are complaining about, not once do they indicate that Obama or Clinton were directly involved in changing the media talking points. They also don’t indicate that any laws were broken. Hillary Clinton has already accepted responsibility for any mistakes that were made by her subordinates, and that’s all most people wanted to hear anyway. The average citizen doesn’t think anyone dropped the ball in Benghazi on purpose and simply wants an acknowledgement that mistakes were made and steps are being taken to avoid it happening again. Trying to paint this as a “scandal” only makes the GOP look desperate and out of touch with what really matters to Americans. Mitt Romney famously tried to “nail” Obama on denying that this was a terrorist attack during the final Presidential Debate in 2012. That backfired on Mitt in an epic way when Obama calmly and correctly pointed out that he personally referred to it as an “act of terror” in his White House Rose Garden speech the day after the attack. If Obama was trying to cover-up the fact that this was a terrorist attack, why would he call it an “act of terror”? I guess he never attended “Government Cover-Ups 101”.


But there’s an even bigger reason why this won’t matter in future elections… Americans have a VERY short attention span. If you need proof of this, just look to last year’s presidential election. Obama was repeatedly blamed for destroying our economy and according to polls, most people believed that thanks to a short attention span. All the facts show that George W. Bush was the one who drove us off the financial cliff, but nobody was able to remember that. Same thing with the Obama administration’s killing of Osama bin Laden. Immediately after that happened Obama’s approval ratings soared and citizens took to the streets to celebrate the victory. But over time, that was all forgotten and had little impact on the election.


Republicans like Rand Paul & John Boehner will continue to bring up Benghazi all the way through the 2016 elections, but they and their choir will be the only ones who still care about it. The Republican base would be wise to concentrate on real issues that affect every day Americans and fully support a potential candidate like Chris Christie who appeals to the masses, but since we know they won’t do that, the Democrats should have an easy stroll to the White House in 2016 and now the GOP can feel the frustration of the long running tradition of Americans with short attention spans.

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