Reading American Workers Their Rights

Workers RightsWith the news that Boeing will be shedding 1500 IT jobs in the Puget Sound area through layoffs, attrition and jobs being shifted to Missouri & South Carolina – “right to work states” mind you – I felt like it was necessary to read American workers their rights.

These rights are very similar to the Miranda Rights that are read to you by the police when you’re about to get arrested:

You have the right to work for less; any resistance to do so will result in your immediate termination.

You have the right to take what’s being given to you by the corporations, who says you should be happy to have a job in the first place?

Even if you do not wish to “take what’s given to you silently”, your job WILL be relocated to a “right to work state” that’s been bought and paid for as a shelter for corporate greed so their stock dividends will go up.

Do you understand these rights as I’ve read them to you?


WHERE does the greed end?

WHATEVER happened to being proud of providing jobs people can live on, raise a family, do better than their parents did and take an honest profit? NOT one that is exorbitant and at the expense of workers who come to work every day to do their best for you!

I hear Republicans decry unions all the time and that state workers in unions in particular get paid way too much, how about this? How about YOU don’t get paid ENOUGH instead of they get paid too much?

Ever think that your sweat, brain power & labor for the company you work for is worth something? I’ll tell you this, in most cases it’s worth a WHOLE lot more than you think!

You don’t HAVE to “take what’s given to you silently”, you actually do have the RIGHT to demand better, you have the RIGHT to be treated with decency, respect and to work & live where you WANT to and NOT where the company tells you to!

THESE are the rights we MUST demand!

I’m reminded of FDR’s “Second Bill of rights” speech which came on the heels of the 1936 auto workers strike in Michigan where workers occupied the factories for 44 days, defended by the National Guard.

Sadly none of this has really come to fruition in our country and this latest salvo by a corporation, in this case Boeing, is proof positive of that.

We have the RIGHT to better; we just have to demand it!

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