Republican’s Dying To Kill Abortion

Abortion DebateLast year Mississippi passed new restrictions on abortions meant to shutter the only remaining abortion clinic in the state. The law requires that abortion clinics be required to get admitting privileges to a local hospital to keep their state certification.

The justification for such a requirement was explained by the bill’s sponsor state representative Sam Mims: “If something goes wrong, which it might — we hope it doesn’t, but it could — that physician could follow the patient to a local hospital.”

So Representative Mims isn’t trying to restrict abortions he just wants to make sure that people, who he would consider murders, get the proper care.

Of course it should be noted that in the most recent data only 12 women died from complications from an abortion. It should also be noted that legislation the representative has previously sponsored indicates his concern for Mississippi’s abortion patients is incongruous with his concern for the rest of Mississippi’s citizens.

For example the representative sponsored legislation that repealed a law requiring weapon dealers to keep records of weapons sold even though US citizens are 1,000 times more likely to die from an illegal gun as they are from an abortion. Representative Sims also seems comfortable giving government money to support the education of dentists in the state of Mississippi yet in 2011 eight children died at the dentist. If protecting Mississippi citizens was truly important to Representative Mims why not require dentists to have admitting privileges since one is nearly is likely to die at their local dentist office as they are an abortion clinic?

Also as a gun rights supporter it can be assumed that Representative Mims is firmly against further gun restrictions since regardless of regulations bad guys will get guns yet the exact same logic should apply to abortions. Prohibition will not eliminate abortions. It will just push them unground and contrary to the Representatives wishes will actually make abortion patients less safe.

It should also be noted that the longer a woman waits to have this procedure the more likely there are to have complications so the extended wait times many Republicans are pushing for will be detrimental to the health of the very women they claim to be protecting.

Representative Mims in a nutshell symbolizes why American’s are so disillusioned with politicians. He claims to be pro life yet his legislation is decidedly detrimental to human life. He claims to support the constitution yet his legislation is meant to undercut a constitutionally guaranteed right. He claims to want smaller government and less regulations yet his legislation adds government regulations adding red tape to a private business.

It would be nice if politicians like Representative Mims would just admit that they think removing a collection of cells from a woman’s uterus is murder even though the highest court in the land says they are wrong. At least then we could have an honest policy debate that doesn’t make the politicians look like complete hypocrites.

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