Take The 2014 Challenge!

I’m back and it feels good!

It feels James Brown good!

Doesn’t quite “Feel like the first time” like Foreigner once sang, but man does it feel GOOD to be back on LL!!!

I know you all missed me and I’ve missed you all!

Let’s get right to it, we’ve all seen the disingenuous Ted Cruz and his phony “Philibuster” – no, not a typo, I just took some creative liberties with the spelling, we know the GOP is trying to stop Obamacare which if you haven’t seen the rates per state I invite you to check out this link

Looks good! Affordable and those are BEFORE tax credits which will lower the costs even more!

We know that the GOP is trying to play games with the Affordable Care Act in the debt ceiling negotiations and now they want to trade abortion changes in exchange for a “yes” vote on raising the debt ceiling all of which the White House has said “NO!” to because they have no connection to the full faith & credit of this country!

I mention all this because I am sick of the GOP being able to hamper anything being done in the house; they have NO desire to do the people’s work, only to obstruct which is why the upcoming midterm elections are so important!

If we want the second half of President Obama’s second term to be successful, if we want to get anything done, we MUST take back the house and keep the Senate!

I saw a story the other day that a GOP state representative from Nevada thinks that the 2014 elections are going to be a “Great year for the GOP because Minorities & young people won’t vote”.

REALLY Assemblyman Hickey!? That sounds like a challenge to me!

You want to challenge us liberals to “get out the vote”?

We’ve done it before and we damn sure WILL do it again!

You want an ass whippin’ of epic proportions? The kinds of which you thought you’ve only dreamed about?

Game on! Challenge accepted my friend!

I challenge each and every one who reads this to bring 5 new voters to the polls, get out there and register voters! Help get them to the polls on Election Day!

If you live in a state where they do all mail balloting like I do, check in on them, make sure they understand the ballot and that they do everything required to make sure it’s counted like signing it where it needs to be signed.

If we want to get anything done we HAVE to take back the house!

We HAVE to keep the senate, it’s imperative!

I know we always say “This election is BIG, it will have consequences” and when we call so many elections “big” it tends to fall on deaf ears like the “little boy who cried wolf” sort of scenario but I promise you this WILL be a HUGE election!

This election will enable the President to get legislation passed to put people back to work rebuilding our infrastructure, lower unemployment, to strengthen environmental laws, banking laws and get the country back up on its feet again!

It will also be a springboard for the 2016 Presidential election, we have an opportunity to show voters in particular independents that our party is the “party of getting things done”, of caring for the middle class, for seniors, for the hungry, for students to be able to get a quality education and to be able to continue that education without the burden of crippling debt!

It will also be another opportunity to elect Supreme Court Justices who hold our values, who will counteract the years of Bushes & Reagans stacking of the court with the likes of Scalia, Thomas & Roberts.

The gauntlet has been thrown my friends, will you accept my challenge???

Get out there, get new voters registered, help at the polls and donate $5 to a congressional or senatorial candidate that doesn’t represent your state but who shares your ideals for the greater good of our country. Do your part to help get us Democrats & liberals in a strong position to affect positive change!

Thank you and it’s GOOD to be back!


Bison Brewski

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