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Boycott WalMart

Walmart Celebrates Your Right To Work All The Time

Have you seen the newest Walmart commercial that’s been playing all over the Olympics where they say that they’re pledged to but goods from American factories for the next 10 years in it they use “Working man” by Rush as the music bed of the spot. The spot somehow implies that Walmart is “supporting” American […]


Are Republican’s Really Interested In A Balanced Budget Amendment?

Many Republicans have been concerned about the federal deficit since George W. Bush turned a surplus into a deficit with increased spending and tax cuts but as soon as Barack Obama was elected president this concern quickly transformed into an obsession. To many, this has become such a dire situation that 20 states are now […]


Can Michigan Really Trust Rick Snyder?

For two years Rick Snyder claimed “Right to work” legislation was too divisive and not on his agenda. Shortly after the 2012 elections Rick Snyder changed his mind. Given how divisive “Right to work” would be it should come as no surprise that the governor would want to insulate Republican members of the state house […]


Military Pension Cuts Prove Hypocrisy Of Republicans

Over the past few decades the attitude towards military personnel has shifted to the point where now individuals of all political ideologies consider our military personnel as inviolable. Polls show that the military favorability rating has nearly doubled compared to the last 30 years of the 20th century. With this in mind it should come […]


A Slur By Any Other Name Is Just That!

Are you ready for the big game? No, not the one in New Jersey this weekend with the Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos battling it out for the Lombardi Trophy. No, I’m talking about the one between the Atlanta Niggers vs. the New York Kikes, or how about the one between the Minnesota Honkies against […]